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Though I don't get there often enough, I like my gym. Genuinely pleasant employees, plenty of equipment, a membership that's long on diversity and short on pretension.

I don't, however, want to spend hours at my gym. Especially in the locker room. Sitting on a stool, bench or leather chair, watching FOX News or talking with other guys. Completely naked.

This seems logical to me. Clothing is warm. It also conveniently covers up the lamentable effects of aging and overeating. And yet, there are days — many days — when I am completely and unmistakably outnumbered.

On these days, my cohorts chew the fat as they show the fat, and care not if newsprint rubs off on more than their fingers. While others hurry to work, these gents slowly saunter from the shower to the sink to wherever space will allow, projecting contentment and a unique brand of confidence.

Maybe you've seen this. Maybe, as you embark on a fitness-oriented New Year's resolution, you'll soon see this. Maybe you're naked at your gym as you're reading this. (In which case: Looking good!)

Regardless ... what's at work here? Since a newspaper should always resolve to ask the most important questions, we felt we had no choice but to take this one on. Columnist Rich Tosches answered the bell, and after delicate but fearless investigation, presents this week's cover story (starting here).


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