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Long Story Short 

It's a delicate balancing act when you write about a person's religion. It's tempting to be dismissive of, or even antagonistic to, ideas that run counter to your own beliefs. This is perhaps because, more than anything else, how we view our place in the universe and relationship to creation acts to define us.

Yet there's also a balancing act when you opt to discuss your beliefs with a reporter. In welcoming the Independent into his center and answering hours of our questions, apostle Robert Henderson has invited the possibility of outside criticism and mockery. It's a fact not lost on the longtime religious leader, or some of those around him, for that matter; he confides that some people have asked him if he really wanted to speak with the media.

There is an upside to engaging this way, however. For Henderson, and others in the New Apostolic Reformation, the media provides the opportunity to live out the example of Jesus Christ.

"I know that we are to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves," says Henderson, "but the deal is, when Jesus spoke the parable in Matthew 13 about sowing seed, he went out and sowed indiscriminately. And that's what is going to happen with the article."

Some seeds will die on the ground, he says, but many will take root. And as you'll read starting here, Henderson's life work demands he see them grow.

Speaking of Robert Henderson, Matthew 13


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