Meek media bow to censorship 


Bizarrely, the CEOs of America's highly conglomerated news sources keep trying to jack up profits by shedding the editors and reporters who actually create their product.

Not to worry, though, for a new breed of political editors has arisen to guide reporters.

Who are these new, green-eyeshaded overseers of what's allowed in our daily dose of political news? The candidates and officeholders whom the media supposedly cover.

Yes, newspapers are outsourcing a key part of their political coverage to the coverees!

For example, both Obama and Romney insist that their staffs be allowed to edit any interviews or quotations that are to appear in print.

Holy Joseph Pulitzer!

What reputable news source would ever agree to giving politicians the right to delete, rephrase, and otherwise sanitize their public comments?

Answer: Bloomberg News, National Journal, The New York Times, Politico, and — well, just about all that claim to be the "legitimate" press.

The Romney campaign even requires reporters who interview any of Mitt's five sons to use only quotes censored by his press office.

For these public figures to demand such Orwellian control is outrageous, but for the major media to go along is disgraceful.

"It's not something I'm particularly proud of," says a National Journal reporter. Proud of? How about ashamed of? How about turning in your press pass?

"We don't like the practice," weaseled The New York Times' managing editor. How pathetic! If a powerhouse paper like the Times doesn't like it, then just refuse to do it.

Luckily, some — such as the National Journal — have now been embarrassed into finally saying "no" to this blatant censorship.

To help stiffen the Jell-O backbones of other so-called "news" sources, connect with Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: fair.org.

Jim Hightower is the best-selling author of Swim Against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow, on sale now from Wiley Publishing. For more information, visit jimhightower.com.


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