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Only sarcasm is sacred to Cattle Decapitation

click to enlarge Meet Cattle Decapitation, the most morbid vegetarians - ever, at The Black Sheep on Tuesday.
  • Meet Cattle Decapitation, the most morbid vegetarians ever, at The Black Sheep on Tuesday.

When Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan roars about things like "humans for human annihilation," he might be talking about whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Protestants or Jews but mostly, he's talking about you.

"I'm not singling out one group of people; I'm talking about everybody," he says, laughing. "I'm not a racist; I'm a human race-ist."

Which may or may not explain why the cover of this San Diego death-metal squadron's 2004 album, Humanure, features a cow shitting out a pile of human remains or why it was banned in parts of Europe and the United States until Cattle Decapitation agreed to change the artwork in those markets. The best part is that the band's members Ryan, bassist Troy Oftedal, guitarist Josh Elmore and then-drummer Michael Laughlin (who has since been replaced by J.R. Daniels) are vegetarians. In fact, all four were recently nominated for the title of "Sexiest Male Vegetarian of 2006" by PETA 2.

But all anyone wants to talk about is Cattle Decapitation songs like "Bukkake Tsunami," "Testicular Manslaughter" or "Everyone Deserves to Die" (sample lyric: "Extreme holocaust of the peoples / The unbiased hand of death / Resetting an evolution / Reverse big-bang conclusion").

"Nobody gets sarcasm anymore," Ryan laments. "Whether it's our name, our lyrics ... everything is always lost on people. It's like, c'mon, man in order for me to live by these lyrics, I'd have to kill myself. And then there would be no more lyrics."

But life goes on, and in the meantime, Cattle Decapitation claim to have recorded the world's shortest song on a split 7-inch with Caninus, a grindcore band fronted by two pit bulls.

"It's called "The Recapitation of Cattle,' and it's under a second long," Ryan insists. "In fact, when we finished it, I sent all the information into the Guinness Book of World Records, and they actually sent me a reply saying that it wasn't a valid submission. I thought we were in there for sure, but apparently, there has to be a start and end time when the feat happens. You can't just send in a recording, which I think is lame."

Guinness Book or no, Cattle Decapitation's latest full-length, Karma.Bloody.Karma (due out July 11 on Metal Blade), is another flesh-flaying shitstorm of high-speed (and equal-opportunity) hate, complete with jams entitled "Unintelligent Design," "One Thousand Times Decapitation" and "Total Gore" the latter of which boasts guest keyboards from Joey Karam of The Locust.

"It's death metal, you know?" Ryan says, laughing. "And to me, death metal is about death and killing."


Cattle Decapitation, with From a Second Story Window, Misery Index, Animosity, Job for a Cowboy

The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave.

Tuesday, July 11, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $12, all ages; visit sodajerkpresents.com.


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