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Local emcee Earsiq Radke is one-third of the hip-hop group Mad-Trees, as well as one-sixth of the live band Karate Man. The Colorado Springs native started out on the local hip-hop scene as a deejay spinning for Two-Tone Taurus and Made Up Minds, who would later join forces as Bullhead*ded. He then teamed up with fellow emcee Jon “Jayoin” Stevens and DJ Gravity to form Mad-Trees, whose credits include an Indy Music Award nomination and, as he puts it, somehow opening for Corey Feldman. You can catch him performing Oct. 26 at Bar K, and look for the follow-up to his Whiskey and Heartbreak album in early 2019.

Essential Saturday night listening: “Sway” by Moodie Black. It’s a hard-knocking banger, on which K Death talks about the band’s identity in a very personal way while riding a dark industrial type of sound perfectly. #NoiseRap is what the cool kids call it. I’m a fan of Moodie Black and have been fortunate enough to share multiple stages with them.

Essential Sunday morning listening: It now changes from week to week, but for a long time it was Mr. J Medeiros from The Procussions. One song in particular is the track “My Own.” It has that boom-bap sound with production from Stro, who is now a member of the legendary Roots crew. The lyric is about the façade that commercialized rap music offers to listeners — you know, that lifestyle of guns and drugs and ice. The chorus is simple: “My own! I’m standing up on my own!” It’s a powerful song and message.

First record I bought with my own money: For the record — see what I did there? — it was a tape. Kid ‘n Play’s Funhouse. It was literally a fun album, New Jack Swing sound and all. Tapes were my original obsession. The first actual vinyl record I bought was Tool’s Undertow. It’s a classic.

“Wish I’d written that” song: This is a big question, ‘cause I love a lot of different music. Right now I’m leaning towards “Tomorrow Party” by Dem Atlas, who’s one of the newer Rhymesayers artists. It talks to the would-be musician in me: Are you prepared to eat, sleep and party this life away, all while sharing your craft and hard work with the masses?

“Wish I could unhear that” song: Basically everything my 15-year-old listens to. I mean, am I getting old and just don’t understand? Like some kind of parent?

My latest online discovery: Borrowing books online through the Kindle app! I’m sure this has been a thing for a while, but I just figured it out. For the record, the PPLD website is tricky like Run DMC.

Artist more people should know about: I agree with a previous Sound Advice that people — both here and all over — need to know about My Name Is Harriett. You wanna be blown away by on-time loop beats with a violin behind it and a song that will rip your heart out and stuff it back in with the love you were missing? Check out My Name Is Harriett. Moodie Black comes in second.


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