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Re: “God Bless the Child

This article was written 9 years ago and yet things haven’t changed. I believe that DHS is most definitely an out of control government agency that for too long has had carte blanche with no entity for them to substantiate their actions. Not only trampling parental rights but also ignoring the rights of the very children they pretend to protect.
Yes, even as just an observer, in my opinion children are legally KIDNAPPED by social workers. If their goal is to protect children then why do so many former children of the DHS system tell horrific stories of how they were treated?
“Promoting the economic and social well-being of lower income families and protecting the safety of children within their families.” How? When DHS invades your family it can cost you not only monetarily but socially. All the steps the families have to go through just to get their children back home are costly and time consuming. Friends, acquaintances and strangers look at families very differently after parents are accused even after the charges are “unfounded”. The statement to me sounds discriminatory, why federal and state laws would presume that children from low income families would need protecting from their parents? A person’s character shouldn’t be judged upon his monetary worth. Some of the world’s most compassionate and loving people were and are poor.
In my opinion low income families are just easy prey for the El Paso County DHS. Most don’t know their rights in this type of situation and don’t have the money to hire a private attorney.
DHS doesn’t always take children into custody when substantive evidence is found they just have to convince a judge they suspect abuse or neglect. In your report approx. 7500 – 7600 innocent children are stolen from their parents each year, that’s a lot of children DHS is emotionally harming ever year! And remember this article was written 9 years ago, how much have the statistics gone up?
Most of the time these cases don’t go to trial because parent(s) agree to the terms set before them because by this time it is apparent they parents no longer have any control of their lives and feel they have no rights. The grievance process if you feel unjustly accused is a joke. If you are lucky you get a form letter that actually means nothing. DHS doesn’t apologize, doesn’t take responsibility and plain doesn’t care. Your family helped their statistics and justified their cry for more funding. I wonder if DHS actually has a quota.
When Colorado lawmakers finally come to their senses and have a ballot measure to disband the DHS Office of Child Protective Services, I will definitely vote for it!

Posted by Mama6 on 04/15/2009 at 10:53 AM

Re: “Hard times at Happy Ass

Children ARE legally kidnapped by the El Paso County Departmemt of Human Services Child Protective Section all the time! Yes I agree people need to learn their rights to stop all the different types of injustices from happening but having the cash to hire a lawyer is a luxury that most families that DHS goes after can't afford!
Pity the DHS when these less fortunate families get together and file a Class Action Lawsuit!!!!

Posted by Mama6 on 04/03/2009 at 5:38 PM

Re: “In rough water

Hey what happened to the two other comments from NotShy and mamaof2 ? Computer glitch or censorship?

Posted by Mama6 on 03/31/2009 at 9:16 AM

Re: “In rough water

I think you misunderstand me.My complaint is that DHS misuses not only their power but their funding.When a family has to deal with DHS there are home visits from various entities and court appearances which you are told you have no choice but to attend. You are automatically assumed guilty of child abuses charges and lose your children if you miss even one. Parents have to take time off from work, miss classes if college students and in some cases find babysitters for their children. How many of you out there can afford to lose at least two days pay every week until this is over? Both parents have to attend all home visits, outside classes and court appearances which can actually add up to four days of lost pay per week, if both parents work and this can take months! There are parking fees (at the court house), attorney fees (yes the courts do offer a free attorney if you are low income) and the list gets longer as time passes. As a result how do smaller paychecks and all the added expenses eliminate poverty? Logically less money for the family and more expenses do the opposite!
Then there are the caseworkers who come to your home and judge whether you provide well enough for your child. In their eyes is your house clean enough? Is your child’s bedroom adequately furnished? Does your child have enough food, clothes, shoes, toys etc…? DHS can demand psychological evaluations for the parents and order you to take parenting and/or other types of classes. All of which once again you can’t say no too! And if your case turns out be as DHS says “Unfounded”, they don’t apologize nor reimburse and they don’t get out of your life either. The excuse you are given is that your case is out of their hands and now it is up to the El Paso County court system to end the nightmare even though you’re innocent of any abuse or neglect, DHS doesn’t care. You also get tons of “I don’t know”, “I can’t answer that” and my absolute favorite “That’s not my department”, well if it isn’t then what is? And the endless passing the buck – some of the DHS employees seem to have the same pat answer “That was so and so not me”. Even a case worker’s supervisor to cover a mistake said it was the District Attorney’s mistake not her subordinate’s. The lies told by some of the employees of the DHS in order to try to cover their butts for accusing the innocent parents are phenomenal. Yes the statistics are up this year for DHS but really how many are actual cases of abuse and neglect. An anonymous call from anyone - a disgruntle neighbor, a spouse during a nasty divorce, a doctor whom you have hurt their ego because you want a second opinion, literally anyone can start this intrusion into your life with seemingly no end. A family has to become stronger because they have to fight the stupidity of the DHS system. Assure safety – not even close, a child definitely feels less safe knowing a stranger can walk into their life and without any reason given can remove them from the parents’ loving arms and feel like they were stolen!
Promote self–sufficiency, how when everything you do is now controlled by DHS from what you say to what you do? Yes what you say or don’t say is twisted to fit what the DHS employees need to convince a judge or magistrate to issue court orders to remove your children. Yes in the eyes of DHS – you no longer have any rights. If you ask any questions they get angry and call you hostile. You can be held
hostage for hours without any reason given. They discourage private attorneys being called and your child pays the price for you wanting legal consul.
Improving the quality of life in our community is an insult. The quality of life for a family wrongfully accused goes dramatically down. Our community is so afraid of DHS that people act differently towards someone accused even if they have been exonerated. Then there are those who haven’t dealt with the DHS system and think that they don’t go after innocent loving parents. I challenge those people to try an experiment - have a friend turn you in anonymously and see how long it takes you to clear your name – months, years or even never!
I know there are tragic stories about abused children but the abuse isn’t as abundant as DHS leads the community to believe. You hear about the children that slip through the cracks and wind up killed, maybe if DHS had more licensed experienced and educated employees that wouldn’t waste the enormous amount of time and tax dollars to go after “easy” cases that invariable turn out to be “unfounded”, more children would be saved. “Easy” because the families don’t realize what rights they do have and the social workers not only know that they use it against them. Going through the DHS system you are guilty until proven innocent. It only takes one person’s accusation false or not seems to make no difference to DHS.
In my opinion DHS fails to live up to their own “Vision and Mission” statements printed on the back of the business cards they hand out.

Posted by Mama6 on 03/30/2009 at 6:46 PM

Re: “In rough water

The reason for the increase in cases for DHS could simply because they are trying to justify more funding. How many of those additional cases are as DHS says "founded", not many I suspect.

Posted by Mama6 on 03/29/2009 at 8:21 PM

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