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Sixty seconds with Dave Davison

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Indy: Your music is unconventional enough that it leads to some pretty creative descriptions, including art rock, progressive rock and math rock. How do those labels suit you?

DD: I really appreciate the fact that we can have such a diverse group of comparisons, like really all across the board. We have people that will compare us to metal bands and pop bands and folk bands, just bands from the '60s, bands that just came out last week. I really appreciate that because it means that we are kind of doing what we wanted to do, which was make something that is really different and interesting, but enjoyable and familiar.

Indy: As much as your sound can be experimental and complex, there's also a real pop element to your music. Where does that side of the band come from?

DD: That's really what we still listen to. Like we listen to avant garde music and stuff like that sometimes. But for the most part when we're driving to a show together or something, we're listening to David Bowie and Van Morrison, stuff like that. Or the Talking Heads is a band that we all love. They're definitely a big influence on our music, for sure.

Indy: What were some of your goals for Perch Patchwork [the group's full-length debut, released last week on Barsuk records]?

DD: We had specific things we really wanted to try to do — stuff like tempo changes and key changes and time signature changes. We really never did that stuff before. Like on the EPs [2006's Tree, Swallows, Houses and 2008's You and Me and the Mountain], the songs were really syncopated, but were typically in pretty standard signatures and didn't change tempos and didn't change keys. We thought we'd really try to do that and also make a really flowing sounding record.

At the Black Sheep, July 10.


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