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T.S. Eliot said, "April is the cruellest month." But many people tab March as a bummer — winter overstaying its welcome, spring still a fickle tease.

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Paige Buoye of the North End area is a waitress/artist

How eager are you to say goodbye to winter? I can't stand winter. I'm depressed. My friends are the same way. Everyone's kind of down. The new season will bring better attitudes.

Where would you go for a weekend escape, and what would you do? Visit my family in Southern California. I miss them, and it's probably in the 80s there now.

What's your idea of good take-out and a movie on an early-March night? Sesame chicken and egg drop soup, and something sad and depressing to watch — probably La Vie en Rose.

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Ned Brou of south of downtown is in construction

Will you be glad to see winter go? Seasons change, time is moving forward, and I'm still alive. Goodbye winter, hello spring.

What's the biggest mood-killer of winter? Working in freezing cold and high winds.

What would be just right for take-out and a rented flick at this time of year? Szechuan shrimp and fried rice, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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Shea Herlihy-Abba of Colorado College is a student

How ready are you to see winter go? Winter is a peaceful season, and I feel an inner quietude during winter, but the snow gets old.

What about winter most gets you in the doldrums? Sleet. Snow has a soft, blanket-like, warming quality. You want to take a walk or sit by the fire. Sleet, though, is a drag. You can't walk without slipping, you don't want to drive.

What's a good option for take-out and a movie on an early March night? I'd do sushi and some sort of comedy, like Naked Gun.

What month could you easiest do without? This one. It's not warm and pleasant yet, and it's not cold and peaceful, either. It's not quite sunny, not quite snowy — neither here nor there.

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Brent Carter of Rockrimmon is a writer

Are you ready to see winter go? I could take or leave a few more months of it. I look forward to the rites of spring, of course, but I love winter.

Where would you go for a weekend to escape any winter blahs? I'd set up camp in the mountains, listen to John Denver music, play my guitar, sit around a campfire with friends.

If you did take-out and rented a movie tonight, what would it be? A pizza from Poor Richard's and Never Cry Wolf, my favorite movie.

What month could you most do without? July. I prefer the cooler weather.


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