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I applaud the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Hopefully those religious institutions will now devote as much of their time to reducing the divorce, adultery and violence rates of their hallowed "traditional" heterosexual marriages as they did trying to prevent gay marriage.

— Steve Plutt

Lake George

Conservatives cornered

Oh no, the Supreme Court has put America on the road to hell. Actually, according to the teabaggers, we were already on it, so Justice Anthony Kennedy and the court liberals just sort of moved over and put us in the fast lane.

Of course, what's missed by so many conservatives is that 19 countries before the court's decision last week had already legalized gay marriage. And with all those countries having already legalized same sex unions, I don't remember hearing doomsday prophecies of some higher power feeling a need to smite the planet because of it. So my friends on the religious right and other conservative groups will have to explain to me why America is the last straw when it comes to some higher being getting so upset over the legalization of gay marriage, that it would suddenly feel the need to flood the earth or start throwing giant space rocks at us.

Decisions such as this will continue to happen, much to the conservatives' chagrin. For years, they have enjoyed throwing it up in the faces of people looking for sensible, progressive ideas and solutions, the notion of "America, love it or leave it." Well, we're getting closer and closer to the day when they will have to put their money where their mouths are.

Decisions preserving Obamacare, Wall Street reform, voter rights, campaign contribution reform, immigrant rights, legalized pot, and far down the line, 21st century measures of gun control will force their hand.

As Winston Churchill once said, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they've tried everything else." Well, we're fast approaching the "tried everything else" part. And when that day finally comes, certain conservatives are going to be forced to realize America is still the only country in the world that could ever tolerate and accept them into our national population.

— Ryan Spear

Colorado Springs

The world has changed

It will be in the recesses of homes and offices, when the sounds of traffic and daily bustle fade, that the true fear that lay covered will seep into the waking consciousness of so many. For such a long time many people had a dependable place to heap disdain and contempt so as to lift their own withered self-esteem.

Now what will they do? It doesn't matter, the die is cast, but it is important to note that in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision the Supreme Court didn't make up a new law, they revealed an existing one.

Once again we are reminded: We don't get our rights from the Constitution, we are born with them.

The purpose of the constitution is to limit government. The court reminded us that human rights are wide and varied and not even all of them have been thought of yet, and governments, from municipalities to sovereign states, must and should be restricted from mindlessly impinging upon those rights.

— Max Clow

Colorado Springs

Proud 'lunatic'

In response to John Birkhead's letter in the June 24 Indy ("Complicit confederates"), I'd like to proudly embrace the title of what he calls "Second Amendment lunatic." Extensive reading of Madison and the other Founders supports my strong belief in the individual right to keep and bear arms.

I'd also like to step up and embrace the title of "patriot," which Birkhead uses in a most derogatory fashion. It will continue to be a great pleasure to support this great nation and all the good America has done for the world.

Birkhead extols what he calls "patriots" to stand up with Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. He has somehow twisted patriotism and support for gun rights into agreement with mass murder in a church. That makes about as much sense as equating modern liberalism with support for Charles Manson.

Thanks but I'll stand up TO Dylann Roof, condemn his horrific act of evil, and thank the authorities for throwing a net over him so quickly. May he receive his due process of law and at the very least never set foot out of prison again. The needle seems appropriate.

I wish I'd had the opportunity to be in Charleston for the marvelous unity rallies there. Those people showed the true spirit of America. I stand with them and not with Birkhead, who would rather waste his time and energy bashing Americans whose points of view differ from his own.

— John Howell

Colorado Springs

Gun permit solution

More mass shootings with conservatives saying "we don't have a gun problem — we have a mental health problem." If that's the case, shouldn't we require a psychiatric evaluation before approving a gun permit? How better to identify a "responsible gun owner?"

— Glenn Perry

Colorado Springs

True motives

Doesn't it make you wonder — or not — the real motivation of Douglas Bruce, what with his conviction for tax evasion, filing a false return and trying to influence a public servant, for his authoring of TABOR (proven to be misguided, ill-advised and probably self-serving legislation damaging Coloradans, the economic growth of Colorado and reputation of Colorado)?

I, for one, think the answer is: No, it does not make you wonder, considering his most recent attempt to avoid paying court-ordered attorney fees by selling property at an artificially low price so the city could not place a lien on the property for these fees. This is Mr. Bruce's modus operandi.

This is just one more reason we should be careful of carpetbaggers like Mr. Bruce and his ultra-conservative cronies, who have sealed the fate of the region's reputation in the eyes of many.

Mr. Bruce and his supporters think they are above the law and ethical principles. Please go back from where you came!

— James M. Hesser

Colorado Springs

Forget the spokes

A "spokes on a wheel" bus system requires every bus to come downtown. If one is delayed, others are held.

It takes a half-hour to drive from North Academy to South Academy Boulevard, 10 to 15 minutes by I-25. There are over 30 buses currently in daily operation. A grid system would have a route going up Academy to Chapel Hills, down I-25 to Pikes Peak Community College. Two buses in each direction, constantly.

Nevada/Union from Austin Bluffs to the Martin Luther King bypass. Lake/Circle/Fillmore/Fontmore back up 21st Street, three in each direction. Smaller neighborhoods would utilize smaller bus/vans on meandering residential streets. Two more for Powers. One for Manitou.

Now you are using half as many full-size buses, getting deeper residential coverage, and dramatically lowering wait times.

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

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