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Re: “Weinstein: Army gave hijab report to news, not to alleged victim

The 'nut' of this story is that the U.S. military (not to mention the rest of our 'government' at large) is most concerned about image, P.R., maintenance of the status quo, & 'damage control' rather than the welfare of its troops (and in the case of our government at large; the welfare of its citizens). Witness reports and dispassionate review of the incident (delineated in prior published accounts) confirm former Sgt Valdovinos' account as correct and an exonerating review of it by someone integral to the system hardly qualifies as dispositive. And, just to insure that nobody else gets 'uppity', the message is clear: "Stand up to bullying and you'll be reduced in rank (or worse), and we'll dig as deep into your past and manipulate the information as needed to insure you're punished". Thanks to Mikey & MRFF for being there for Ms. Valdovinos.

Oh, and Mr. Fritch 'hell' is merely the adult version of the monster under the bed used for those who looked under the bed and found nothing there but who still need others to control their lives. You'll never understand this because when you die & your last brain cell winks out, and... nothing. You'll be unable to comprehend it because there'll be nobody home & the lights will be out... forever.

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Posted by Marshalldoc on 06/18/2019 at 8:43 AM

Re: “Air Force Academy hosts talk of Shroud of Turin's alleged authenticity

Yet another example of fundamentalist Christian favoritism from the AFA... this time with the 'Fake News' shroud of Turin. Not really a surprise since the national leadership worships at the alter of Dominionism and Christian Supremacy and the fake 'science' (early humans riding dinosaurs, etc.) such contrafactual belief systems entail. (Modi's Hindu fundamentalists believe Hindus mastered flight 8,000 years ago and are putting it in their textbooks). As the story points out, although the 'lecture' was ostensibly 'voluntary' it's not that easy for the cadets and, to be allowed on campus at all, it had to be approved by someone in authority. We are in danger of losing our secular democracy... time to wake up!

Oh, and Fritch (see above) is an homophobic bigot. He may try to excuse his disease by saying he's merely expressing his 'sincerely held religious beliefs' but what his religion teaches is 'love the sinner, hate the sin'... he's merely a loudmouthed bigot and a damned poor excuse for a Christian. And, does he have evidence that Barry Fagin is gay or is he merely engaging in gratuitous name calling? Such behaviors used to be called slander or libel but now, after the enlightenment and the general acceptance of sexual diversity such behavior only amount to pissing head-first into a strong wind. Go take a shower Fritch.

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Posted by Marshalldoc on 04/19/2019 at 7:56 AM

Re: “Order to remove hijab at Fort Carson spurs controversy, but versions of story differ

In reply to Leigh Pantano: How, other than the X-ray vision Mikey alludes to (or perhaps, ESP), could Montoya have seen any part of Valdovinos' hair, since it is totally concealed under her hijab. Further, according to Valdovinos' account, it is wrapped, under her hijab, in such a fashion that taking the hijab off causes the bun she had it in to come undone. Your reply is an apologia for Montoya & the military and evidences no interest in Valdovinos' side of the story. Why, one might ask, are you shilling for authority & the establishment?

7 likes, 15 dislikes
Posted by Marshalldoc on 03/13/2019 at 7:49 AM

Re: “Order to remove hijab at Fort Carson spurs controversy, but versions of story differ

It would appear that CSM Montoya's learned well the major P.R. lesson that's been operative in the U.S. military since I've been paying close attention (the illegal invasion & occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan); when confronted with uncomfortable accusations (no matter how well-founded & documented); Lie. This has been the operative mode for all accusations of civilian murders, mass casualties, etc., probably since Korea (where we justified strafing columns of obvious civilian refugees). After the initial flat-out denial (usually accompanied by blaming the victims for their own abuse i.e.; 'her hair was not in compliance' or 'they weren't a Loya Jirga, it was a terrorist commanders meeting'), then - little by little - grudging admissions, well short of a complete & truthful confession, are allowed, until - well after the press had lost interest - the major facts are admitted to but with the provisos "We admit no wrongdoings" & "We'd do it again" (which, naturally, they have in every theater in which America attempts to install 'democracy' at gunpoint).
Happily, in this instance, there's a bulldog advocate, Mikey & the MRFF, who'll have Valdovinos' back and who'll be looking over Col. Zinn's shoulder to insure that he lives up to his statement that:

I will ensure our unit continues our tradition of placing a high value on the rights of our Soldiers to observe the tenets of their respective religions or to observe no religion at all.

Clearly CSM Montoya has issues (Muslims, non-whites?) that, regardless of the outcome of this egregious assault on an individual's dignity, must be addressed.

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Posted by Marshalldoc on 03/12/2019 at 7:53 PM

Re: “Parents claim AFA cadet said slain Jews are "burning in hell forever"

Sadly, as the Christian dominionist supremacy virus spreads further into our body politic we'll see much more of such fundamentalist extremism from the 'rank & file' facilitated by less & less responsible guidance from their superiors (as is evidently the case in this event) since, as has been previously observed, a fish rots from the head down, and the head of our society - not confined just to the traditional Christofascists in the current administration but engendered and facilitated by the Corporate-Democratic elite-National Security State fascists whose fanatical embrace of neoliberal austerity politics and neoconservative warmongering exceptionalism both plow the fields and plant the seeds from which the obvious fascists flourish. That this cadet's 'fellows' would feel free to make such comments in his presence (likely with the direct intention of humiliating him) is likely proof positive that they aren't Christians might have been defined not all that long ago.

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Posted by Marshalldoc on 11/01/2018 at 6:50 PM

Re: “Air Force Academy Endowment chief wears religion on his necktie

In addition to his tie being an upraised middle finger to all those non-domionists who might look to the Endowment for funding, his 'no comment' reply when asked for one was the upraised middle finger of his other hand. It's as blatant a statement of 'you've got no control over me and I'll damned well do what I want, regardless of who's offended' as you're likely to get considering he had the options of apologizing, making an explanation, obfuscating ('You mean those little fishies mean that? Who knew?"), or of coming straight out and saying "Yeah, I'm going to favor true believers and all you heretics and atheists can suck eggs". But, I guess he's only 'brave' in the cockpit of something at 30K feet, dropping bombs on peasants somewhere down below, but not in the face of the press. Par for the course in our new evangelical military.

17 likes, 12 dislikes
Posted by Marshalldoc on 03/07/2018 at 6:01 PM

Re: “Mikey Weinstein talks “fighting words” and the military’s religious oppression in the Trump era

A battle has been joined between the dominionist fanatics of the right (which, 'tolerantly' includes homophobes, racists, anti-Semites - don't let the current judeophilia/Israel-worship fool you, misogynists, overt fascists & their 'alt-right' alter egos, climate science & evolution deniers) and the heirs of the enlightenment who genuinely embrace diversity, democracy, free thought, scientific inquiry, and equal rights for all as core values(the failures of our materialistic, success-obsessed, Capitalistic society to live up to those ideals notwithstanding). The societal dysfunction which currently afflicts America (and the west, in general) has resulted in a skewed quadrangular arrangement with the right wing & GOP (dominionist Christian Fundamentalists) at one corner, opposed by the Democrats (DNC/Clintonista wing, Wall Street beholden, neoliberal Capitalists, 'Red' herring obsessed, war-industry supported, which is neither 'liberal' or 'progressive'), neither of whom is capable of, or desires to deal with the realities they've created over the last decades and function only to gain superiority over the other in order to execute their own private agendas nationally & internationally absent concern for humanity or the common good. On the 3rd, and largest, corner of the quadrangle is the majority of Americans who yearn only for stability and some sense of security but who've been fed a diet of American exceptionalism and 'fake news' for so long that they no longer recognize what's real or how to sort the real from the unreal and are thus fodder for whichever of the two former groups is most able to herd them into their corner; which at present are the allies of the 'current occupant'. In the 4th & smallest corner are those who've been able to view the system with some degree of objectivity and understand that it is entirely broken with no 'savior' from either of the two main corners forthcoming but whose numbers are too small to exert any noticeable effect. History has shown us the nature of what's in store for mankind if the domionist right wing succeeds in Trumping (I use the word advisedly) humanistic values; Christian fascism as seen in the Inquisition or the Third Reich. This must not be allowed; Mikey & MRFF understand that. What might come out of our dysfunctional political system in the future is impossible to tell, but it's clear what must not be allowed. So, Silveria's failure to add Mikey's 'eight words' is, in essence, a failure to make a principled stand for the values of the enlightenment in favor of walking a tightrope in hopes of satisfying the two opposing ends of the political quadrangle. Not reassuring.

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Posted by Marshalldoc on 10/18/2017 at 5:06 PM

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