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We've lived through years of speculation regarding what may happen on Dec. 21, 2012. Now, we'll finally find out whether an ancient calendar can really predict the end of the world.

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Debby Gentzel of Old Colorado City works in a call center

Do you believe Dec. 21 could bring the end of the world? No, I don't believe that, and if the world does come to an end, it won't be because of what the Mayans thought.

Why do you think so many people are talking about it? Well, it's interesting, but I think people think it's more of a joke.

Remember the Y2K scare? Yes, and I didn't believe that one, either. But I worked with someone who really believed it and stocked up on everything.

If the world did end, what would you regret not having a chance to do? To travel more, both around the world and around the country.

What's the one thing you wish would come to an end? The financial situation that the government has put us in. It would be nice to be able to enjoy life again.

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Joel Baeza of the south side is a small-business owner

Do you think the world will end on December 21? No, the world is 4½ billion years old, so the odds are against it.

If the world ever did come to an end, what would be the most likely cause? Probably asteroid impact. Nuclear war would be too slow.

Is there something you never got to do? No, I've done everything. Well, no, actually, I'd like to meet a normal woman.

Do you remember the Y2K scare? Yes. I didn't believe that at the time, either, and as it turned out, nothing happened.

What's one thing that you wish really would end on Dec. 21? Anything having to do with higher taxes.

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Jenna Smith of the west side is an art and movement facilitator

What are your thoughts about the world ending on Dec. 21? I don't think the world is ending, but I think we are and will continue to experience a paradigm shift. Maybe the world as we know it will end.

Why do you think there's so much interest in Dec. 21? The current system isn't fulfilling, so we're looking for something that will bring us joy, freedom and true expression.

If the world does end, what kind of catastrophe is most likely to be responsible? It won't be a catastrophe. The changes will come because either the Earth or the people will no longer accept our current expression of society.

Would you have any regrets if the world really did come to an end? No, I'm so satisfied! I've done everything I've needed to do up until this point in my life.

What's the one thing you wish would come to an end? Fear. Fear of living in this world. Instead of people being afraid of scarcity, I would love for us all to embrace abundance.

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