Mayoral raise expected, Collins under investigation, famous felon in trouble 


Mayor's pay likely to rise

Mayor Steve Bach's replacement in the April 7 city election may earn $7,000-plus more per year than Bach. City Council was to consider a proposal Tuesday to increase the mayor's pay from $96,000 to $103,370 due to inflation, based on the Denver-Boulder-Greeley Consumer Price Index.

The City Charter requires the mayor's pay be set every four years.

Bach is not seeking re-election. Contenders for the post include Tony Carpenter, Amy Lathen, Mary Lou Makepeace, Lawrence Martinez, Joel Miller and John Suthers. — PZ

Ethics complaint proceeds

City Councilor Helen Collins faces an ethics complaint filed by the City Attorney's Office, alleging she helped anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce avoid paying the city a judgment of roughly $7,570 resulting from one of Bruce's lawsuits against the city that he lost ("Keeping recalls weird," News, Feb. 18).

The city's Independent Ethics Commission will investigate the matter and forward a recommendation to City Council, which could dismiss it or issue sanctions. Those include a formal reprimand or a monetary fine of double the amount of any benefit derived by the accused.

The City Attorney's Office alleges Collins violated the Ethics Code, which states a city official "owes a duty of loyalty to the City."

Specifically, the complaint states Bruce deeded a condominium to Collins for $10 on Dec. 4. She, in turn, deeded the condo to a third party for $140,000 the next day. Meantime, the city had attached liens to Bruce's other properties to try to collect the court judgment. The lien wasn't attached to the condo property in time for the city to collect before Bruce made the transfer.

Collins is under recall for her ongoing association with Bruce, among other complaints. A municipal judge was due to rule on a protest of the recall's signatures and petitions this week.

No one is running to replace Collins in the April 7 election, which means Council would appoint her successor should she be recalled. — PZ

Limbrick arrested again

A prisoner released early for murder is accused of a crime that could send him back to prison.

According to the Colorado Springs Police blotter, Charles "Chuck" Limbrick, 41, was traveling north on Circle Drive in a Dodge van when he sideswiped another vehicle on March 4. Limbrick fled the scene in the van, rear-ending another vehicle in the process. One person was seriously injured.

Limbrick, who had 15 months left on parole, was arrested for vehicular assault, a felony, along with driving under the influence and other traffic-related charges.

It marks another twist in the story of a man who was once the youngest person in Colorado's adult prison system. Limbrick went behind bars when he was 15, after fatally shooting his mother in 1988.

Seeking an early release from a sentence of 40 years to life, Limbrick won the support of then-Attorney General John Suthers and then-Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements. It was partly his youth at the time of his offense that led leaders to reconsider whether Limbrick deserved a second chance. Limbrick also was a model prisoner, known for his involvement in the church and his dedication to music.

Limbrick was released in 2011 on orders from then-Gov. Bill Ritter. He was hired by Woodmen Valley Chapel, where his musical talents were put to work. He also played several instruments at Clements' funeral, after Clements was murdered in 2013. — JAS


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