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Re: “Blame it on chemtrails

All right, K, I was rong ... sorry, lad, I will come clean tho, I promise....read on.

You asked a perfectly reasonable question "do you have a theory" re: "the purpose of this clandestine operation.... this uber-secret military chemtrailing"

Chemtrailling is in fact the next (but not the final) phase of the Agenda 21 One World Goverment/New World Order global-warming/climate changing/weather modification ongoing algorian effing phony/faking/fraudulent worldwide SCAM (sorry for that last yell... gotta get the message through somehow tho....).

I admit, I should have taken the risk of that intelligent insult, although I hope you will thank me sooner rather than later. Actually I will do a whole lot better for you; I will give you this link to the most insane writer in the world on the topic.... you will love him :-)

Be warned however: read super-careful now, or, I promise you, you will miss the message. The message is that if you/we don't pay their utterly-and-ridiculously exorbitant carbon tax, They will make us suffer from drought.... if you have no idea what it means when your tap runs dry, go to Gaza and find out the hard way just what your uber-greedy zionist is really doing to your world.

Read slowly now kiddies... here is your link for the day/week/month/year...
BTW it is okay to point at the wordz with your fingers as you read: just do it .... and don't let any contrarian thoughts distract your tiny minds.


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Posted by Michael Rose on 10/12/2013 at 6:34 AM

Re: “Blame it on chemtrails

"You, apparently, have a remarkable sense of smell."

I don't ... but Russ Tanner http://russtanner.com/ does ... he is suffering multiple health challenges, immune system seriously comprimised so he can now smell the chem in the half an hour it takes to fall to ground level. A friend in Idaho is also hugely affected now by the chem at ground level (the smell arrives 30 minutes after the chemtrail plane is identified flying overhead, she's a pilot, she knows what a chem p;lane looks like at 20,000 feet)

They've obviously been aiming their lethal dose at just below the level at which most people can smell it .... but here's a prediction, K (make a note in your black book, lad) from this month of October onwards, your life's a blitz. End-of-time power black out on 13 November ... maximum blat out from the chem planes...

I may be rong .... I hope I am.... I really get no comfort here on the other wide of the world, knowing the criminals are lethal-targeting all (y)our US friends :-(

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Posted by Michael Rose on 10/12/2013 at 12:35 AM

Re: “Blame it on chemtrails


You tell me, K.

FYI We chemtrail planespotters are trained scientists: we study the evidence, we merely report our finds, accurately and objectively. The criminal elites fail to tell us what's the intetion of their clandestine ops, why they're spraying us with up to 100 different substances... some of which are toxic... one of which is mercury, the most toxic metal on the planet. Many laboratories have identified the exact cheical make up of the sprays, plural (there's many different mixes, hinting at different "purposes")

I have therefore no wish to risk insulting your intelligence by publicizing my guess as to what they are up to... but did you answer (y)our question as to why tPTB continue to poison us in total secrecy?

Or are you too chicken to ask such a smart question?

BTW ...jackals and truckers will make the kenyan imposter go like JFK anyway, without the cretin needing more advise from us ...

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Posted by Michael Rose on 10/11/2013 at 11:40 PM

Re: “Blame it on chemtrails

If you're not even awake to something so blatantly obviously a conspiracy fact as "President Obama and Evil Government" , you haven't been paying attention even to the mainstream news let alone reading the truth.

You cannot be expected therefore to have intelligence enough to distinguish all-too-common chemtrails apart from the very-rare condensation trails.

White exhaust mainfest under ALL atmospheric flying conditions is utterly impossible, and your closed mind never stops to question what your wide-shut eyes think they see.

DFo NOT let yoursillyself be fooled every time you watch a commercial passenger airplane operating: unbeknow to the entire onboard crew, the plane was surreptitiously fitted with chemical-dispersion sprayers deviously aligned with the airplane jet-engine exhausts.

This secret installation is cunning contrived to fool what senses we still possess after years of exposure to toxic aerosol mercury (Hg content nearly as much as Al, BTW)

HINT The trimeth poison spray is NOT mixed in the jet fuel: the toxic sludge is loaded in a baggage containers, loaded along with all the passengers stuff... and all done and dusted in conditions of strict military secrecy.

Hit this link, and LOOK closely, look very closely, at a very-rare photo of a typical secret spray-nozzle modification. This photo clearly explains why white spray SEEMS to be coming out of the jet engine, whereas in fact the chem is being sprayed after the exhaust leaves the engine...

NOW even if you do feel you must save face and continue to shill like a troll on these pages, stop and ask yourself one stupendously-serious question.

Why would the military commandos go to the such pains to keep this aerosol-spraying criminality such a top-secret military operation .... unless they were INTENDING to get away with something that We the People are not aloud to know about? Are you really happy that the Powers That Be are keeping you in the dark?

Take your time with that Q .... and be honest with your answer before you type here again, pls. :-)

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Posted by Michael Rose on 10/11/2013 at 9:14 PM

Re: “Blame it on chemtrails

Gullible? Yeah .... so it was gullible by the gallon raining down on your fat head that's caused a horrendous measurable nationwide increase in soil aluminum that is killing plants.
Gullible by the airplane-sprayed gallon is what is decimating the redwoods.
Gullible by the gallon is the cause of many-times measurable increase of barium poison content in your body and mine.
So, where did your gullible come from?
Mine is rooted in laboratory findings across the country.... AND I can smell and taste the air half an hour after any chemplane sprays overhead.
You can't smell shill either I s'pose?

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Posted by Michael Rose on 10/11/2013 at 7:16 AM

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