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Strategic Business Development and Tactical marketing and sales professional/ entrepreneur with integrated skills in both technology and marketing/sales disciplines. Twenty-plus years of international start-up company experience and management-level consulting engagements with over 30 clients. Technical Skills include; new product design, development, project planning, software definition and creation, and product engineering prototype work, manufacturing support, and logistics. Marketing/sales skills encompass; advertising, promotion, public relations, trade show coordination, publications design, direct mail campaigns, seminars, customer training, technical support, sales management, sales training, and account management Management experience includes; management of company profit centers, project teams, forecasting, budgeting, and start-up of companies in the US, UK, and Asia. Comfortable with new start-up companies and product/service offerings. Have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally in the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, UK, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia, and South Africa. Ensemble Ventures Web-Site: http://www.ensembleventuresinc.com Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Web-Site: http://www.colospgsbiz.org

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Re: “Oxygen's business elements

To Independent Readers: For the full story about Mild HBOT and the treatment options that are available to Colorado Springs residents, as well as military personnel who have TBI or PTSD symptoms, I encourage you to go directly to Pikes Peak Hyperbaric website at: http://www.pikespeakhyperbaric.com for a complete overview about what Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is all about.

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Posted by Mike Schmidt on 10/02/2011 at 6:31 PM

Re: “Pure hope

As a Colorado native, (born here in 1960) and after returning to the Springs in 1994 to base my business and family, it seems that our local media will never "get" reporting on local businesses. This article is a case in point. How can I say this ? Because I have BEEN HERE AND KNOW THAT...

Some History: As part of the charter group of businesspeople to help start the Peak Venture Group in early 2000, as well as being responsible for placing the first company into the Colorado Springs Technology incubator in 2001, and owning and operating multiple business here in the Springs for the last decade and developing and chairing the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group, (now with a membership of 350+) and working with many local companies in a business development capacity, it never ceases to amaze me how inexperienced, and un-professional our local media is in covering the small business community here in Colorado Springs.

For example, at the Gazette, the Business Section is printed ON THE BACK of the Sports section. Give me a break. If you want to support local business, you FEATURE local business. You don't "hide" it on two pages at the back of the sports section. It requires its own section full stop. And with the recent articles in the Independent, they seem to be more and more like sensational "hit pieces" that go for sensationalism and scandal, rather than digging deeper for meaning and real reporting of facts and the back story about people and the struggle they go through to create, launch and sustain small businesses. Case in point... Pam Zubeck's coverage of the "Pure Hope" Hyperbaric oxygen story (in the September 8th edition) where she basically "glosses over" the impact that a local small business has had on treating patients and soldiers with TBI and PTSD conditions with Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Who am I speaking about ? Pikes Peak Hyperbaric. Hardly a "footnote", they have quietly and professionally been making a major impact on the treatment options available for civilian and military patients in the front range and they could definitely use more support, (both from a market awareness standpoint and in securing financial resources). But if our local press only want to talk to supposed "experts" and make statements about business people not having medical degrees, (like this really matters), then we are going to continue to operate in the "stone age" as far as supporting our local entrepreneurial culture and business community is concerned.

Even though Pam did a good overall job of attempting to cover the wide ranging political, and professional medical and financial controversies surrounding the Hyperbaric Treatment marketplace in her article, (including its High Pressure and Mild Pressures variants), she could have spent more time addressing the "mild" hyperbaric side of the discussion where there is PROVEN medical research available... It might not be easy to find, but it does exists. We have it and can provide it to the Independent if they are interested.

Instead, she focuses almost exclusively on statements and opinions of those in the medical community, (who are not "Experts" but practitioners who are not as well informed about the difference between High-pressure Hyperbarics and Mild Hyperbarics therapy). There is a big difference, but you have to be good at balancing out the article with perspectives from both sides.

Also, to bring the article into perspective for local readers, she could have spent more time researching and learning more about how Ric Rooney and Pikes Peak Hyperbaric ACTUALLY WORKS and what they are doing for the community, she makes a "glib" statement about them being a "local outfit running out of a tanning salon". Right, like this is a "bad' thing.

Have you even been there Pam ? Do you know why Ric did this ? Can you imagine that it might be about cost containment and frugal business decisions...?? How do I know these things ? How can I say these things ? Easy... I am working with Ric Rooney as a business partner and associate through my company Ensemble Ventures, where we are helping PPH to develop and grow. I have know Ric for a long time and have worked with him on many of his other businesses, (including his Tanning Salon that by the way has employed many, many, local people here in the Springs over its long history) and is having to comply with the regressive 10% tanning tax that was imposed on Tanning Salons by the Obama administration as a result of ObamaCare that has no "clue" about what real main street business is all about. Yet, despite this governmental roadblock being thrown at him, Ric decided to not quit and instead pursue Mild Hyperbaric therapy as a way to grow his business and provide additional services. THIS STORY IS WORTH A COVER PIECE BY THE INDEPENDENT in my opinion.

FYI: Ric is a member of the CSE Group, and solid local Colorado Springs businessman and resident. I have helped him and his son Jesse, (who operates their second Hyperbaric Treatment facility in Denver)... That's right Pam, they HAVE A SECOND OFFICE in an office complex on Colorado Blvd where they have two chambers and a thriving rental business...!!! Wow, amazing information... That's right on their web site... You should go there Pam, and tell all your readers about the work that Pikes Peak Hyperbaric is doing for not just the military soldiers who need TBI treatments, but the public at large who are getting treatment for stroke conditions, autism, etc. HINT: FUTURE FEATURE COVER ARTICLE.

Why are more treatment centers like PPH needed and programs like SOS no much in demand? Because MEDICARE and INSURANCE will not pay for these treatments because the medical community and the military establishment have their head in the sand about what the real benefits of Mild Hyperbaric treatment can achieve, despite the "tests" and "trials" they are conducting. They are so focused on what high-pressure HBOT does and how much it costs, that they are missing the "big picture" here. It's not about how much pressure you can withstand, it's about how many treatments you can access. And this is a direct corelation to costs. All the tests at Fort Carson and around the country is only scratching the surface of what's possible. That's because there are existing lobbying groups and special interests that want to keep the status quo in place for financial and market means.

So Pam, if you want to do a really "EXPLOSIVE" and hard hitting piece on what is REALLY happening in the Hyperbarics marketplace, come back for another interview with Ric and I and we will provide you with "The Rest of the Story", and why what we are developing now for the future of mild hyperbarics in Colorado Springs can play a major role in our developing economy as a Center for Mild Hyperbarics !!

- Mike Schmidt, CEO Ensemble Ventures, LLC and Chair of the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group.

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Posted by Mike Schmidt on 10/02/2011 at 1:24 PM

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