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Re: “After-school special

It sounds like to me Dr. Lawsuit Larry and Netta should quit wasting money on a severance pay lawyer and start looking for a criminal defense attorney. The paper trail is going to lead right up to your doorstep. Too bad you didn't see this coming. It doesn't take a doctorate to know that forcing employees to sign loyalty letters is possibly illegal in this day and age. Have you never heard of the whistle blowers law. Maybe you should have studied a little bit on labor laws and embezzlement of public funds. Tisk! Tisk!

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 10/08/2009 at 10:07 PM

Re: “Network error

In case you haven't heard the Hernandez's were officially fired last night. As for "hopeful" and any of you other Hernandez supporters, the writing was on the wall the very first year. How do I know, I helped to get this school started in Pueblo. My children attended school there and the Hernandez's were syphoning money off the very first year. Unfortunately for the Board Members then, the District was not able to get help from the state in doing something about it then. Lawrence and Annette could have seen the writing on the wall at that time, but they thought they got away with something and their own greed got the best of them. Finally, I pulled my children from that school after the first year. I have first hand knowledge that your children can and will do better in Public Schools. My daughter graduated as Valedictorian of her high school, with numerous awards, lettered in 6 different extracuricular activities, and received a full ride scholarship to a private out of state university. She was enrolled as a sophmore her first year due to the college courses she took in a public high school and she is studying rocket science. She is currently a Junior in college and maintaining a very high GPA and none of this had anything to do with what she did or didn't learn at CCA. (By the way most of what they promise to teach your children at CCA never happens, that is just part of the sales pitch.) So anybody who doesn't think their kids are getting a good education in the public schools are wrong. It's your job as a parent to help your children succeed. No school no matter who runs it can do that for your child. Parents need to be dedicated and help their children be all that they can be and don't forget discipline and praise when needed. Lawrence and Annette were not in the classrooms teaching your children, it was the dedicated teachers that did that. Give credit where credit is deserved, not to the thieves that used the system to line their pockets. I consider what has happened as Karma.

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 10/03/2009 at 4:11 PM

Re: “You're not the boss of me

Is anyone really surprised by the latest developments? This is Lawrence's M.O. When someone gets too close to finding out the truth, he brings on the lawsuits and attorneys. He is hoping the state will run away with their tales between their legs. I dare the IRS to audit him, don't be surprised if he calls the cops on them too and tries to sue the government. Have you ever heard of any place of employment who does not have a list of employees at hand. Be for real, he knows exactly who has worked for him and who has been fired. What he needs is more time to get rid of the files of anyone who might say something derogatory against him and his network.

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 08/13/2009 at 9:25 PM

Re: “Talking back

Let me guess, BEAMAN is either Lawrence Hernandez or Jason Guerrero. Why didn't you post your name?

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 07/03/2009 at 11:20 PM

Re: “Talking back

Let me guess BEAMAN must be Lawrence Hernandez or Jason Guerrero. Why don't you BEAMAN.

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 07/03/2009 at 11:19 PM

Re: “Rewriting on the wall

Just like DupedinPueblo, here are two more similar stories.

The first child was a special ed student. Before entering CCA she went through a battery of tests at the public school in order to provide an accurate transfer staffing to CCA. While at CCA, the teachers bragged about how good she was doing in reading. She was in the first grade and she did not even know the letters of the alphabet or the sounds they made. She was memorizing the little tiny books they gave her to read. The teacher was totally shocked when this was pointed out to her. The parent picked up one of the books and opened it to the middle of the book and asked the child to read that page. She could not. Nor could she tell the teacher any of the words on the page. When her mom pulled her out of CCA and put her back in the public schools. Lawrence and his staff dragged their feet in turning over her records to the public school. Therefore the public school did the same battery of tests to determine where she was at and where to place her. Low and behold she had not progressed one bit. As a matter of fact the special ed teachers said she may have even lost some of what she had previously learned.

Child number two was a boy in the 5th grade. He was already fluent in spanish and english, because he grew up in a bi-lingual family environment. While at CCA, he was one of the top achievers and supposedly had one of the highest scores or a 100% on the CSAP. He even received an award for his outstanding test scores. He had never been good in school and his mother had placed him in CCA hoping he would excel there. According to Lawrence and his staff, and the CSAP test he was excelling!!!! Due to transportation issues, the mom had to pull him out of CCA and put him back in the public school for 6th grade. Guess what, she found out his CSAP scores were a sham. He couldn't read and was drastically behind in math and all of his classes. After a number of parent teacher conferences the mother finally had to place her son in special ed classes in order to try to catch him up with the rest of his grade level. When he took the CSAP in the public school his score was more in line with where he was at, which was partially proficient in most areas.

As for Lawrence's favorite marketing line about public speaking, blah, blah, blah.... He's been using that line since he opened the schools. You would think that a man with so much intelligence and the kind of pay he is receiving, he could come up with a few new selling points or at least make good on the ones he is using. If your child is currently enrolled in CCA and you want to know the truth about how they are doing. Take them to some place like the Sylvan Learning Center and have them tested. You may be surprised at the results. Good Luck

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 07/02/2009 at 10:17 PM

Re: “Rewriting on the wall

My daughter told the same exact story as Sarah did the first year CCA opened. She was also one of the brightest students in the 6th grade. She said that they were taught the CSAP and the questions were almost exactly the same only changing words such as apples to oranges, etc... Additionally some of the brightest students were given special accomadations. She also said that what she was being taught in the classroom she had already learned in a public school in a previous grade. I was a smart parent and pulled my children out. Guess what my daughter graduated from a public school with honors and enough college credits to enter a top university as a sophmore and nearly a full ride scholarship. CCA is not offering anything your children can not get in a public school. (By the way, a janitor forced my younger child to drink milk at lunch time. She was allergic to milk and that was in her record too.) What is going on is not because they haven't been trained better - they know what they are doing is cheating. Why change when you have gotten away with it for so long?

Posted by Momsagainstfraud on 06/25/2009 at 11:59 PM

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