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Re: “Slice of Life

Just wanted to clarify that the ordinance does not allow 2 goats per resident but 2 goats per RESIDENCE. Female goats or neutered males under 100 lbs at maturity are now legal within city limits unless your HOA prohibits it. If you own goats then you can only have a total of 4 licensed pets on your property so if you have 3 dogs and a cat you can't legally own goats too. If you do not have goats then the total is 8 licensed pets per property. Chickens don't count in that total since they aren't licensed in Colorado Springs.

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Posted by Monycka Snowbird on 07/08/2014 at 9:01 AM

Re: “Councilor pushes for more urban agriculture

Clara, everything you are concerned about could be said of any pet. People get dogs and don't have funds to pay for vet bills, I don't think we should assume urban home-steaders are going to be a less responsible group than anyone else. Coyotes or other predators will always come into the city because there is food here. The left over rotisserie chicken in your trash can isn't much different than the chicken clucking in my backyard to a raccoon. The yorkie in a west side backyard is a much easier snack to haul over a fence than a 50 lb goat. Outside cats are a great source of protein for foxes in my neighborhood and they poop & spray by my windows yet I don't think they should be illegal. These aren't new laws we are trying to get passed, these are current existing property rights within Colorado Springs. 10 poultry (no roosters) per city lot have already been legal within city limits for many years, beehives are legal, front yard food gardening is legal, meat rabbits are legal, humanely slaughtering animals on your property is legal. Compost piles or compost bins are everywhere in the city and I can legally throw in the chicken poop today so adding a little more nitrogen from my goat isn't going to change a whole lot. We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel or completely overhaul the city zoning ordinances but just a few minor additions. Legalizing a couple of mini goats isn't going to be a Pandora's box but the ability to independently provide all of my families dairy needs is most definitely a significant return. What we do want is simple; we want people to reconnect with their food sources. Shop locally from CO farmers, plant a garden, raise some of your own meat, teach your kids some stewardship and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Neighborhoods are better when you share eggs, veggies or the preserves you canned with the people next door.

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Posted by Monycka Snowbird on 03/27/2014 at 7:56 AM

Re: “Councilor pushes for more urban agriculture

Clara, I understand your concerns but we aren't asking for full scale farming in city limits. We are talking about mini goats, like Penelope pictured in the article. She is a 2 yr old full grown Nigerian weighing in at 50 lbs-the size of a lab. My goats have never escaped my yard but it could happen, the same possibility goes for my 100 lb dog potentially getting out. I can also assure you the smell from the waste from my goats is vastly easier to deal with than that of my dogs. Goat poo is similar to deer poo & only has an odor if the goat is ill. We have effective animal control laws already in existence that would apply to containment, waste removal & noise for goats just as they do for any other pets. Not everyone who owns goats does so for the dairy, some like them strictly as family pets and others use them for fire mitigation. It is true that some goats are more vocal than others just like some breeds of dogs bark more than others. A goat is a prey animal so their instinct is to become still & quiet when startled & they don’t bleat at the mailman or squirrels in the yard. The ordinance that we are trying to pass has a 100 lb weight limit for animals at maturity and requires the goats to be de-horned & would completely exclude bucks (male goats) in city limits. The smell most people associate with goats comes exclusively from intact billy goats. Several cities such as Denver, Ft Collins, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, all have had pro-goat ordinances in place for years. Those same cities also have some of the highest property values in the country so we have to assume if these animals were making a negative impact on the community there would be a push to change those laws. There isn't though, actually there has not been any instance of a pro-mini goat ordinance being overturned. Any animal that is not properly care for can be a nuisance in the neighborhood but that is not more so for goats than it is for dogs or cats. I strongly believe education is the key & goats should not be an impulse addition to your family. They are a LOT of work but are also a LOT of fun and I wouldn't trade our girls for anything. There are local classes people can take to make an informed decision as to if goats will fit into your current lifestlye.

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Posted by Monycka Snowbird on 03/26/2014 at 10:57 AM

Re: “Councilor pushes for more urban agriculture

The draft of our potential new ordinance allowing mini goats in city limits will be introduced to City Council on April 7th. The first opportunity for public input will be April 8th. Please come out & show your support. You will be able to address Council for 3 minutes if you would like to speak on the subject. No Goats No Glory!!
Here's a link to the FB event

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Posted by Monycka Snowbird on 03/26/2014 at 7:48 AM

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