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Re: “Our national right-wing celebrity

According to nlcatter, I'm a pathological LIAR. However, he doesn't identify a single statement I made which is false. I will concede, however, that I poorly phrased one sentence in my initial posting. That sentence is true: "many Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans served in the J military, rather than the US military, during World War II." However, it's no surprise that many J nationals served in the J military during the war. What I meant to say was that many J nationals who normally resided in the US served in the J military during the war. They might have preferred not to, but such J nationals visiting Japan or being educated in Japan on 7 December 1941 could have been drafted into the J military regardless of their preferences.

Posted by MOSwas71331 on 09/29/2009 at 6:57 PM

Re: “Our national right-wing celebrity

Here's some more on the Acorn scandal, extracted from today's Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web" column: "To tot up what is known so far, out of seven offices, five (71%) offered help to the supposed sex-slavers, two (29%) called police, and one (14%) turned the pair away without getting involved. (These numbers add up to more than 100% because one Acorn office, in National City, Calif., cooperated and later called police.)"

Obama is on Acorn's board of directors and has directed millions of dollars of government funding into Acorn. Mrs Malkin's book on the corrupt practices of Obama and his administration seems right on target.

Posted by MOSwas71331 on 09/23/2009 at 4:58 PM

Re: “Our national right-wing celebrity

Another point about our "concentration camps" for interned Japanese and Japanese-Americans: the death rates for the Js and J-As interned in our camps were about identical to the death rates for the non-interned American population, while the death rates for Jews and Gypsies placed in German concentration camps during the same period approached 100%. To be fair to the Germans, they put Js and Gs in their camps intending to kill them. Our intent for interning Js and J-As was merely to prevent them from gathering intelligence for our enemies or damaging our capabilities to oppose the Axis powers.

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Posted by MOSwas71331 on 09/23/2009 at 8:05 AM

Re: “Our national right-wing celebrity

In this column, “Our national right-wing celebrity,” Ranger Rich claimed “from what I heard from the stunning gathering of some 500 avid Malkin followers on Saturday, [her book] contains startling evidence clearly showing that Obama kidnapped the Lindbergh baby; assassinated Archduke Ferdinand to trigger World War I.” As is typical in left-wing journalism, Mr Tosches makes it all up.

It's easy to get cheap laughs by inventing ridiculous statements and attributing them to unnamed others to show how stupid their group is, and Mr Tosches has mastered that art. The statements he attributes to identified persons are innocuous. The sole attributed statement that's controversial is Twilla Christ's “Obama was born in Africa.” Since the Kenyan government has designated Obama's birthplace in Kenya as a national monument, perhaps Miss Christ's statement isn't unreasonable.

A casual glance at the index of “Culture of Corruption” would show Malkin's book never mentions the Lindbergh baby kidnapping or Archduke Ferdinand, but why let facts stand in the way when you want to demonstrate the stupidity of Mrs Malkin's fans.

Had Mr Tosches read Mrs Malkin's book, he might have discovered that the book's statements about the corruption of the Obama administration and its congressional associates are true and supported by source citations. Obama has long been involved closely with Acorn, and officials of that organization recently were shown on video as willing abettors of child prostitution. [Of the five Acorn offices visited by the reporters posing as pimp and prostitute, only one would not assist the reporters' proposed scheme to bring 13-year-old girls in from Guatemala and none called the police.]

Additionally, Mr Tosches is upset that Mrs Malkin “wrote an actual book saying the US internment camps during World War II were a terrific idea and the 112000 Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans who were forcibly relocated to the camps should stop their damn whining.” Well, I've read “In Defense of Internment,” and the book does NOT say “the camps were a terrific idea.” However, the book does state: (1) many Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans served in the Japanese military, rather than the US military, during World War II; (2) Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans in Hawaii actively assisted a Japanese pilot whose plane couldn't make it back to the carriers after attacking Pearl Harbor to the point of torturing an Hawaiian who had confiscated and concealed papers he'd taken from the pilot; (3) after interned Japanese were moved to better facilities, we billeted our own troops in camps the Japanese had occupied; (4) the Japanese were free throughout their internment to go anywhere in the US as long as they stayed outside the “exclusion zones” (essentially the states along the east and west coasts), and (5) Germans and Italians in the US were similarly interned and restricted during the war. And, unlike Mr Tosches' comments, Mrs Malkin's statements are supported with cites for their sources, mostly documents prepared during the war by people who were far from certain that the US would win.

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Posted by MOSwas71331 on 09/22/2009 at 5:00 PM

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