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An American Carol (PG-13)

In this new take on A Christmas Carol, a Michael Moore-like filmmaker is visited by a trio of ghosts while trying to end the July 4th holiday. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Appaloosa (R)

A small town hires a pair of friends to police a small Western town, but things get complicated when a pretty, young widow shows up. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Beverly Hills Chihuahua (PG)

In this comedy, Drew Barrymore stars as the voice of Chloe, a rich Beverly Hills chihuahua who finds herself lost on vacation in Mexico. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Blindness (R)

Bear in mind the inevitability of a movie version of Blindness, Jos Saramago's 1995 novel in which, save for one woman, a city's entire population suddenly goes blind and hell accordingly breaks loose. However archly reverent of its literary source material this movie is, what it ultimately achieves is a kind of allegorical myopia. Jonathan Kiefer

Chapel Hills 15, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Burn After Reading (R)

A CIA analyst (John Malkovich) gets pushed out of his job. Then he gets pushed out of his marriage to an icy pediatrician who's having an affair with a fidgety federal marshall (George Clooney), all the while being pushed around by two would-be blackmailers (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand). Jonathan Kiefer

Cinemark 16, Kimball's Twin Peak, Tinseltown

Choke (R)

Just because Victor Mancini is a fatherless, sex-addicted med-school dropout who solicits bankable pity from diners at upscale restaurants by pretending to let them rescue him from choking, that doesn't mean he's wrong. He uses the resulting pity money to keep his demented mother cared for in a nursing home. Jonathan Kiefer

Kimball's Twin Peak

*The Dark Knight (PG-13)

In The Dark Knight, Batman's purposeful, gadget-abetted, vaguely libertarian vigilantism has shown results, but still he has his work cut out for him. The film offers many thrills, some surprises and a few remarkable character transformations. Jonathan Kiefer


Death Race (R)

In this futuristic thriller, a former prisoner is forced by the prison's warden to enter a brutal automobile race that goes 'til the death. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Picture Show

Eagle Eye (PG-13)

Two strangers (Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan) end up fighting for their lives together when an unexpected phone call puts them into dangerous situations that keep escalating. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Cinemark 16 IMAX, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Fireproof (PG)

In an attempt to help their failing marriage, a fireman and his wife enlist in a stunt called "The Love Dare." Not reviewed

Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Flash of Genius (PG-13)

Greg Kinnear stars as Robert Kearns, a man fighting American automakers after they allegedly stole his invention of the intermittent windshield wiper and used it on their cars. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

*Get Smart (PG-13)

There's a constant silliness to the proceedings of this film based on the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created 1960s television series but on the whole, Get Smart, starring Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, is highly entertaining. Jeff Sneider

Picture Show

*Hancock (PG-13)

There are many joys to be found in Hancock, not the least of which is Will Smith's effortless performance in the title role as an ordinary guy turned reluctant superhero. MaryAnn Johanson

Picture Show

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (R)

British writer Sidney Young is a man who both adores and loathes the world of glam, when he takes a job at a high profile celebrity magazine that challenges his conflicting ideals. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Igor (PG)

In this animated feature, a hunchbacked lab assistant longs to be a full-fledged scientist and to win top honors at the Evil Science Fair. Not reviewed


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (PG-13)

It's not Harrison Ford who feels creaky in this film, it's everything that has been constructed around him. The previous films involved over-the-top elements, but they earned latitude thanks to their light-footedness, which is absent here. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

*Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D (PG)

This film, based on the Jules Verne novel, has no pretensions of being anything other than a virtual theme park ride, but what a fun ride it is. MaryAnn Johanson

Picture Show

Kung Fu Panda (PG)

Po (Jack Black), a lazy panda, is schooled by Kung Fu master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) after the panda is inadvertently chosen to be the next Dragon Warrior. Not reviewed

Picture Show

*Lakeview Terrace (PG-13)

Oh, to live to see a horror movie for grown-ups. No mad slashers, psychopathic torturers, just the plausible pettiness of human nastiness slowly building to a tragedy of suburban proportions. MaryAnn Johanson

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Mamma Mia! (PG-13)

A young woman about to be married searches for her father so he can walk her down the aisle all set to the music of the Swedish pop group ABBA. Not reviewed

Picture Show

Miracle at St. Anna (R)

Spike Lee's new film about World War II can be seen as a response to what he sees as historical inaccuracies in Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers. While it's ambitious and technically accomplished, and the story confronts important questions, it veers into melodrama. Jeff Snieder


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (PG-13)

Brendan Fraser stars as adventurer Rick O'Connell squaring off against Jet Li as the resurrected Emperor Han in this third installment of The Mummy franchise. Not reviewed

Picture Show

My Best Friend's Girl (R)

Dane Cook and Kate Hudson star in this romantic comedy about a man who takes his best friend's ex out on a miserable date to help her see how much better she had it before. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15

*Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (PG-13)

Director Peter Sollett has become cinema's reigning genius of awkward young love with this story of two bridge-and-tunnel teens who find themselves together on one New York City night. Scott Renshaw

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Nights in Rodanthe (PG-13)

Travelling to meet his long lost son, a man (Richard Gere) connects with a woman (Diane Lane), who is struggling with her marriage, when he stops at a small inn. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Religulous (R)

TV host Bill Maher takes on organized religion, including Christianity, Islam and the Jewish faith, in this documentary directed by Larry Charles. Not reviewed

Cinemark 16

Step Brothers (R)

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play 40-year-old losers, unemployed and still living with their respective parents when those parents meet and get married. This may be the story of two man-children, but by the end, it's not just the characters that I wanted to tell to grow up. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show


A trash-compacting robot abandoned on an uninhabitable Earth for 700 years, has been doing the job he was programmed to do when he falls in love with a robot probe. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show


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