Murder Hat - Indy Music Awards 2013 


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While recording their upcoming album, the members of ska-inclined punk band Murder Hat started kicking around titles and found one that's stuck, at least for the moment.

"We're thinking about calling the album It Sounded Good From the Bar," says bassist Damon Thomas. "We've played more shows for the sound guy, and a couple of our friends, than we've ever played sold-out shows. So, you know, when you get done playing, you go have a beer at the bar, and the other guys sitting there say, 'Hey, it sounded pretty good from the bar.'"

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Having spent years playing Colorado Springs venues, the band has begun reaching out more to punk fans and barflies in Denver and Pueblo. It's also planning a West Coast tour with their friends in Las Vegas band Guilty by Association after the album's out.

As well as they work together in the studio, Thomas figures the three musicians are still at their best onstage.

"Since Luke and I formed Murder Hat back in 2008, it's been about rippin' the arms and legs off, and just playing some really good punk rock with some ska-core," says the bassist. "I don't think we sound like anybody else in the Springs."

2nd place: Mostly Don'ts

3rd place: 99 Bottles


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