Sixty seconds with Paul Meany

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Indy: I understand your new CD [Armistice] was a difficult project and that you scrapped an entire set of songs after a month or so of recording and started over. What happened?

PM: We thought we were recording our record, but we knew we weren't really happy with it. We weren't sure why ... [The songs] were working live. We had road tested them. We felt like this should be happening.

Indy: You brought in Dennis Herring to produce after deciding to ditch the first group of songs. What role did Dennis have in helping the band choose to start over on the new album?

PM: Dennis was the first guy to say, you know what, you guys are spinning your wheels with mediocrity and you should just try to shelve this. I think there are better songs around the corner. I think just being able to hear that from an outside source really liberated us. We probably went from what was the most frustrating time in the band to the most liberating.

Indy: In what ways did that decision liberate the band?

PM: We sat down and just started playing music and forgot about the pressure, the pressure of labels and management and budgets and all that distracting stuff. We got into just why we got into it in the first place, just living for that moment when something comes alive in a room between four guys. That was it, and it started happening.

Indy: So how do you view Armistice now, and how it compares with your debut album?

PM: The way I view it sonically, across the board, it was like we just took all the aspects of this band and we just kind of injected them with our steroids, and just amplified all of it, just pushed it a little further. And I enjoy that.

At Denver's Ogden Theatre, Oct. 14.


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