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Sixty seconds with David Johansen

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Indy: Todd Rundgren produced Cause I Sez So. He also produced the first Dolls album back in 1973, so it's a reunion of sorts. How did it happen?

DJ: We started talking on the phone back and forth about producers, who's around and who's available, because we had our kind of timeline to do this thing. Then one day, I think [band manager] Ron Stone said, "You know, Todd's available." And we said, "Well, where is that going to be?" And he said, "Hawaii," and we all just went, "OK." So it wasn't like we were talking about the philosophical implications of Todd and the Dolls combination or anything like that.

Indy: So you weren't exactly chomping at the bit to make new music?

DJ: We procrastinated pretty much as long as we could. We had a few sessions in [guitarist] Steve Conte's rehearsal space ... Also I went over to [guitarist] Syl's [Sylvain] apartment, and we showed each other what we got. After not too long, I thought, and I think Syl thought, we'd got enough songs ... So then we got to Hawaii, I think, on Jan. 3. And Todd was like, "Oh man, I thought you guys were going to get here next week." But it was January, so we wanted to get over there. Essentially what we did was, we wrote the songs out pretty much the first week. The second week we rehearsed them and then the third week we did the tracks. The fourth week we did, like, the vocals and the overdubs.

Indy: Cause I Sez So is the second CD the group has made since you and Syl reformed the Dolls. How much of a future do you see for the Dolls?

DJ: We just kind of take it by the season, I think. But it's not like we think we're going to take it by the season and that's the end of that. As long as people want to hear us play, then that's really what we like to do. So as long as we can, we will.

At Denver's Bluebird Theater, May 31.


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