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During the culture wars of the 1990s, local politicians, activists and issues were widely discussed and argued over. These days, it's the rare Springs resident who can identify more than one or two elected officials.

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Josh Nichols
Old Colorado City

Special education teacher
What's the most important local issue this election? Disability issues, like the lower number of bus routes. That's hard on seniors and the disabled.

Is there a race you're following? District attorney, maybe. [John] Newsome didn't think his drinking and driving was such a big deal.

This being a presidential election year, will more people vote in local elections? George Bush winning the last two elections will make a lot more people turn out to vote this time, both locally and nationally.

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Jean Echevarria
West side

ESL teacher
What's the hottest local issue this election? My top priority is getting Democrats elected ... I always vote locally anyway, but it seems more urgent to do so this time.

What's your view of Douglas Bruce? Doug Bruce owns an abandoned property on my block. It's boarded up, it's an eyesore, and it's a hazard. It's been that way for years, and he refuses to do anything about it. He's a shameful human being.

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Katy Fitzgerald
Stetson Hills

Wildlife biologist
Is there a local election you're following with interest? To be honest, I haven't dialed in yet.

Name the most important local issue. The lack of funding for infrastructure. I don't like paying taxes, but the city and county need more tax dollars to address this problem.

How about Doug Bruce? He's on television a lot, he has strong opinions, and he isn't afraid to voice them. I don't particularly like his views or his way of presenting them.

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Guillermo Alvarado
West side

Gallery and coffee shop owner
What's the top local issue? Utility bills are getting so high, and now they're going to increase water rates another 18 percent.

Will the Newsome incident influence you? Absolutely. He was never held accountable, and he needs to be.

Your take on Doug Bruce? He shouldn't live in Colorado. He raises havoc everywhere he goes. He's a profanity walking on two feet.


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