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Indy: So you just wrote and recorded a new song on the road?

NJ: Yeah! We just finished up in the studio a little while ago. It's a new song called "Stay," and we recorded it on our day off. The song is about falling for someone, about those feelings, so it's great when you have a good inspiration to write something.

Indy: Who are you dating this week? I can't keep track.

NJ: Oh? Well, I think I'd prefer it to stay that way, maybe.

Indy: Fair enough. So your nickname in the Jonas Brothers is actually "The President"?

NJ: Yeah. And it's kinda funny, 'cause it's actually longer than my real name. It was a nickname given to me because I was always very serious. So it just stuck, and now it's kinda played a part in my adventures with this new side project [Nick Jonas & the Administration, whose debut album comes out next month] and become an inspiration for the name of the band.

Indy: The Administration [who worked with Prince] seem to be helping you explore classic R&B.

NJ: I think so. And the guys in the band will definitely mention [soul artists'] names that I've never heard about before, so I'll check it out online and get inspired from that.

Indy: Even though you're serious, I'm betting you watched that Jonas Brothers South Park episode and at least chuckled.

NJ: I can honestly say that I didn't watch it. I don't know that people would say that they'd actually watch 30 minutes of someone poking fun at 'em — that's not the best way to build up your self-confidence. But I think it is a compliment, in a bit of a strange way. And there are things I've seen in the past that use us as a punch line that I think are hilarious. But in that one particular case, I decided not to watch.

At Denver's Paramount Theatre, Jan. 23 and 24.


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