No faith in local leaders, or Donald Trump 


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Lack of trust

After watching local news for years, there is only one conclusion for any sane citizen: Our City Council, mayor, most church officials and other community leaders who know what is "best" for us should be studied for the common good.

None of the above-mentioned would be eligible. The Independent could request a grant of marijuana tax money to examine the effects of marijuana use on masturbation while watching our city leaders sounding off on all the B.S. issues they think are so important to the rest of us.

If anyone could possibly be successful, they could win a house in the Broadmoor area that has been condemned from landslides, and the city would have to buy it back from them. It would give our area great national news interest.

— Ben Franklin

Colorado Springs

Helpful number

I hadn't known about this but it was recently posted on our neighborhood blog by a former bilingual 211 operator:

"To make things easier for anyone in need or wanting to refer a person in need to services, give them this phone number: 211. It's that simple; a person in need can dial 211 and ask for assistance with housing, food, utilities, medical care, etc. How do I know? I served as a United Way bilingual 211 call taker. The services are out there; this is a great way to access them."

Give homeless/panhandlers the 211 number instead of cash or food. (Yes, these folks probably have a cell phone, or can borrow one from their buddies.)

The next time someone needs help, tell them to dial 211 or visit 211colorado.org!

— Helen Sabin

Colorado Springs

Feelings explained

Regarding Mr. Terryah's letter ("Faux Sympathy," Dec. 14): No, Democrats are not crybabies who can't accept losing. As a lifetime Dem, I have lived through many elections and many Republican presidents. While there was disappointment when they won, that's all it was, disappointment.

There may have been disagreement on policies and ideology, but never has there been a time when we had a person so totally and completely unqualified to run this country. That is what the issue is. This man is not just unqualified. He is a joke. He is unwilling to take the time to learn what he needs to know, and instead must take a "thank you tour" around the states to feed his own UUUGGGE ego.

He tweets insults whenever someone offends him. And on and on and on. There's the sexual harassment and lack of respect for women, the despicable way he has referred to people of other cultures, the tacky and undignified way he lives in his gold tower.

There is no end to his childish and boorish behavior. He is an embarrassment to the United States and last but not least, is buddy-buddy with Putin, and we all know what kind of man HE is.

And that's why Dems are so upset about losing. It could have been any one of the other Repubs running and the response wouldn't have been the same. We wanted a person of character, not a charlatan who doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing. Pathetic.

— Sally Alberts


No pity, please

In answer to Jack Terryah: Don't feel sorry for Democrats; we feel sorry for the GOP. Also I cannot see how Republicans are "braver" when they allowed a person (note: not a man) like Trump to represent them.

Maybe if Trump had used a teleprompter, he wouldn't have said all those crazy things he later denied, in spite of the video to prove he said them. GOP "good losers" — what about the birther junk, racist jokes and rebellion threats?

As far as the fresh-faced young ladies on TV being brainwashed — this stale-faced old lady (same age as Trump) agrees with them, and I have the education and experience to back my faith in them. My experience with old white men — especially, entitled, rich and sexist — makes Trump beyond dangerous. Of course his new BFF Putin fits.

— Janie Knickerbocker

Colorado Springs

New version

When I think of Trump, I'm reminded of the classic story of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. Sure, Trump can be compared to the marionette because both behave badly and tell lies. But in this age of "post truth," who cares? (I do, for one.)

The comparison I find more apt is that of Trump to the con-artist Fox and his crony Cat, who pretty much repeats whatever Fox says. Fox and Cat lure Pinocchio to the Field of Wonders; they tell him if he plants his gold coins there, money trees will sprout, and if he comes back in 20 minutes, he will be able to pick a thousand or more coins from the trees. Of course Fox and Cat sneak back and dig up the gold coins.

Well, Dear Reader, I fear there may be many Pinocchios left standing out in the Field of Wonders, wondering just how Trump was able to con so many of them.

— John McVay


Remorse coming

During the campaign, candidate Trump pledged to build a big, beautiful wall on the border with Mexico. Now it's a fence with the same devices currently used.

He promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail. Now he's leaving her alone.

He said he would sue every woman who accused him of sexual assaults. Now, never mind.

He said he'd deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Now, maybe 2 or 3 million.

If his voters are surprised or angry about this, wait until he takes away their health care via destroying Obamacare. Wait till he tries to privatize public schools via vouchers for various private and religious schools, such as Trump University. Wait till he tries to privatize Social Security, putting citizens in charge of their own retirements, with vouchers instead of guaranteed income, a gold mine for those who prey on the unsuspecting, Trump-voting elderly by selling them bogus investment schemes.

Minorities are afraid of those empowered by Trump's insults and his threats.

This is "making America great again"? We'll soon see the true meaning of buyer's remorse.

— Larimore Nicholl

Colorado Springs

Sound familiar?

Republican malcontents and truth-twisters did the same thing after the Bush Republicans stole the 2000 election; blamed Democrats and liberals. Americans fell for it and paid the price with eight years of Bush-Republican failed and flawed economic policies and the Great Recession.

Remember? Your home, investments, pension funds and 401(k)s lost half their value. Guess what, Republican supply-side, trickle-down economic policies are still much the same today as they were then.

Flash forward and president-to-be Donald Trump, loser of the 2016 election by 2.8 million votes and far less experienced than George Bush, will be installed as president and handed the reins of the most potent economy on the planet. What karma will Americans reap this time? Cause and effect! Another stolen election with American citizens paying the price for Republicans' fraudulent actions.

— Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California

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