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Re: “Still screwed

Your right the world doesn't owe any of us anything. However, with due respect, we as a country owe our Service Members the best health care possible, our own leaders have said that. They (i.e. our Service Members) should be treated respectfully by their peirs. If the truth is too hard to read, don't read - but don't criticize others who choose to do so. Remember, the world reflects what you need to see, not just what you want to see.

Posted by Obstructionist on 01/06/2010 at 9:08 PM

Re: “Still screwed

Only a person who has walked this path could share or understand the stance that I take. The reason I say the story was not "biased" is because it was written to raise awareness about a particular issue that is facing many different soldiers and their families-to raise public awareness. No its not a pretty little package and sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. My comments to this story have been made with the deepest respect for the soldiers who were brave enough to stand up and say "this isn't right." I would stand beside them any day, because it takes people to stand up when things are not right to make "change." We all know though that the people who do try to stand up for "change" are not always treated kindly by those that they are calling into question. If you have read all of the comments following the story you will see that there are many different opinions some in support, some not. Thats what makes this country great, we all have the freedom to share our opinions. There are many people in this community who work behind the scenes to help this cause and many who are walking this path. Its amuzing to read the negative comments that I have gotten when I have made comments in support of this story and its soldiers. "You believe and identify with what fits you", I believe and identify because I have seen it and experienced it first hand. Thats not weak, thats being human.

Posted by Obstructionist on 12/31/2009 at 8:36 AM

Re: “Still screwed

Obviously somone needs to research what is going in our military communities. Its easy to say that the story is lop sided, but have you yourself researched what is going on across our country. I can guarentee you that these soldiers stories are not isolated cases. Of course there will be soldiers who have received positive results, but there are an overwhelming number of "problems" both for our soldiers as well as the communities that they live in. Since these "problems" exist they need to be examined and a solution found. In no way is anyone trying to say that every single soldier is being treated badly, but there are numerous cases ACROSS this country where soldiers are experiencing some big "problems" when it comes to their treatment. I urge you to really investigate what is going on with soldiers across this country, it isn't that difficult to "google". I enjoy happy endings and positive results. However, we cannot ignore the wrong doings either. If it was a member of your family or someone close to you wouldn't you want to fix the wrong doings? If it were you "what would you do?" To humble ourselves and step into the shoes of these individuals gives us the best understanding of what they are going through. There are good people who do the right thing and there are those who don't. The solution is to make sure the people who are doing good, or if you like "the right thing", are given credit for their hard work. On the other hand, we need to make sure that the people who aren't doing right are called out for their actions. None of the soldiers mentioned in the story should have been treated like they were. And the stories presented only scratch the surface of what they have experienced.

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Posted by Obstructionist on 12/30/2009 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Still screwed

Obviously there are some valid points that ArmyCPT has made. There are some allstars in the WTU, yet there are some who are in obvious need of real leadership skills. I don't believe that these soldiers were on here to whine about their problems, I think they want a solution to the problems that they themselves have experienced. To keep the doors of communication open a person in a leadership position might want to refrain from using language such as "whining" soldiers or comparing the person in the story to a low ranking private who might "whine?" What kind of logic is that? Is that conducive to an open door policy that many in the Command position say that they have? I think what is key here is that instead of everyone wanting to place blame, that we can all get to the point where we admit that there are problems and fix the problems. I don't believe that the majority of soldiers in the WTU are milking the system. That comment is very prejudice, it validates these soldiers claims that they are being treated unfairly. On the flip side being in a Command position there are number games that are being played and accountability. Commanders as well follow regulations and they are held accountable by what happens during their "watch." Having said that if there are problems in this system which make it difficult to provide soldiers with adequate care why not start there? The WTU was created as a place to heal, should a soldier feel ashamed because he wants adequate care? If you say that soldiers are not utilizing the many doors that are open to them, ask yourself why they aren't using them? What is holding them back? Is it that they know they are going to get looked down on and called a whiney private? How insulting is that? That is what closes doors. This war has created a terrible mess for the military because we as a country were not prepared for the types of injuries that have been created. You cannot expect these soldiers to keep up the pace that they are and continue to function, it is not humanly possible. There are many problems. The people that are brave enough to stand up and say, "this isn't right," are the hereos. With respect to all involved its a bad situation, many mistakes have been made along the way. We can all do better. Cheers to your Allstars, the soldiers who do make a difference in the lives of our Wounded Soldiers. But remember this, until you can have enough empathy to put yourselves in the shoes of these wounded soldiers, who have a valid claim how can you judge them as whiney? To them their problems are very real. So do we make a bad situation worse or do we buck up and just find a solution that can work for everyone? It is not that hard. I don't want to see peoples careers ruined but I think there are problems and I think its worth identifying the problems, coming up with a plan, and moving forward. That is what these soldiers need. They want a future like anyone else. They want their lives to go back to some form of "normalcy." The key here is empathy, not indifference. We are all on the same team, I thought?
Yes, oldsoldier War is Hell, but coming home shouldn't be, right?

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Posted by Obstructionist on 12/12/2009 at 6:02 PM

Re: “Still screwed

Kinda scarey reading a couple of the previous comments from the ex-service member, but then again your exercising your rights as a citizen, guaranteed by our Constitution and protected by your fellow service members. Distasteful comes to mind if you are a fellow soldier because your comments smell of the same smoke cloud that is spoken of in the article. I do know one of the soldiers mentioned in the article, and his story is quite accurate, the medical records speak volumes. These aren't the only stories, the stories are consistent across our country. I am sure that others who have read this story are smart enough to know that the article was right on target, its the same story over and over again, experienced by veterans of prior wars. Your right we can't always believe what we read in the media but then again, if this article is untrue I guess there would be a retraction????? I bet we will be waiting a long time for that to come, huh?

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Posted by Obstructionist on 12/11/2009 at 3:05 PM

Re: “Still screwed

Its really disturbing that our government has no problem with recruiting Americans to SERVE our country and then lets them down. As an American I am proud of each and every person who VOLUNTARILY serves our country and to protect our freedoms. If their peers (i.e. those in Command) will not step up and do the right "thing" when it comes to the medical needs of our soldiers therefore, it is up to the public to start pushing the issue. Our soldiers deserve so much better. Amazingly this story isn't new, our Veterans of past Foreign Wars are all too aware of the cost of freedom. With the multiple deployments we are losing an entire generation, seems a little unfair considering what they give up. The remarkable thing about our military is that it is manned by Volunteers. How many Volunteers are we going to continue to get when more of these situations come to light? The journalist of this article deserves a pat on the back for speaking up as does the city of Colorado Springs for stepping up to help our soldiers/veterans.

Posted by Obstructionist on 12/10/2009 at 6:05 PM

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