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Local merchants sell out their supply of the ghost chili pepper quickly after it's received. Obviously, people are voluntarily consuming this infernal fruit. Life is too short for bland food, but is each bite proof of foodicidal ideation?

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Byron Frank lives in Fountain and works for the Aerospace Corporation

Is spicy food good for someone? Nah, not if you have a bad heart, if you have gland problems, and you have bladder problems, then I don't think it's good for you. People tend to overeat spicy stuff.

Do you order spicy dishes in restaurants? As far as Mexican foods, I always make sure it's mild. I don't want it too hot where I can't eat it, where I can't chew it. If I have to take a glass of water and put it in my mouth every time I eat something spicy then I don't want it.

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Riley Steinmetz lives downtown and is an assistant media planner/buyer

What's the hottest food you've eaten? I once tried Dave's Insanity hot sauce. I put it on a toothpick and dabbed it on my tongue. It was pretty awful.

What's going on in people's heads when they seek out the spiciest foods? I think a lot of people like to eat them just to prove how tough they are. "Food can't conquer me. I'll conquer the food."

How would you brand your hot sauce? "Spicy Riley's" — I don't know, that'll work. [The bottle] would probably have a tornado on it, with all the ingredients going into the tornado.

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Frankie Roper lives downtown and is a general laborer

What's the hottest food you've eaten? Probably the ghost pepper; it felt like it melted my stomach lining. If I had had some water to drink with it before, I think I would have been all right. However, I ate it on an empty stomach with no water, and it was not a pretty sight the next day.

Would you figure spicy foods are good for pregnant women? I think it'd make their baby come out a little mean, fighting — just kidding. But seriously, I think it would help the baby breathe better; not give it acid reflux.

What do you think the appeal is to foods that cause such discomfort? I think it's just people who like the certain taste no matter what it does. It gives me heartburn but I'll eat it all the time. ... Without spicy food in my diet, I think I may not be happy.

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Margaux Isaksen lives at the Olympic Training Center and is a Modern Pentathlon athlete

Are spicy foods healthy? I've heard that yeah, actually, spicy food is good for you, and good for your digestive system. I actually wish I enjoyed spicy food, but I'm just kind of a wuss when it comes to eating spicy things.

What are people seeking fiery foods thinking? I don't know. People secretly are masochists and they enjoy the pain of eating spicy foods and proving to themselves they can endure it.

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