Our economy is greater than we thought 

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I just read again that the Federal Manhattan Facility where Epstein was found dead has been grossly understaffed. (Barr is so livid I think he may actually win the Academy Award.) I would think that federal positions pay rather decently and offer good benefits. And yet...it's understaffed.

That made me think of the unemployment boasting of the COWH (Current Occupant of the White House). Apparently we don't have enough applicants for work anymore in this great economy. We don't want immigrants, especially not from S**t-hole countries, and we can't get preferably classy whiter European immigrants from countries like, say Norway, who have to be desperate to escape universal health care, free preschool to university education and the the perils of hydro electric energy, solar panels and their national mandate for electric cars. How they must yearn to to be plucking chickens and working in detention centers.

We need to be training all the homeless people we see in every state, country and city. Don't they get it? There's a worker shortage!

Could it be that the budget is just too thin since we are doling out tax cuts to the richest of Americans and paying for lavish golf trips for the COWH and beefing up the border (taking serious money allocated to the military to do so)?

And if we are rounding up immigrants that have been working at various plants for 20 years and leaving their children stranded what are we doing to the employers who hired them?

But I digress.
I thought the COWH was going to be too busy to play golf, fixing everything to MAGA.

Micheale Duncan



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