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Sixty Seconds with Clay Jordan

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Indy: Your new album [Longplay 2] is quite beautiful, but is it hard to translate to the stage?

CJ: It is tough. To some extent, we use samplers to add layers, but we tend to be a little more stripped-down live. And we compensate with volume when we can't make it as intricate as the record.

Indy: I've seen the word "shoegazer" thrown around in your reviews, which is strange since you're kind of keyboard-heavy. How does it feel to be thought of as possibly the last shoegazer band in America?

CJ: I think, justifiably so, bands hate to be categorized, and we're no different. We have a lot more influences, including classical. I think a lot of shoegazer music was historically guitar-based, and as you said, we do have a lot more keyboards and strings and electronics. But at the same time, tons of bands came out of that movement, like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. So it's an honor to be associated with some of those bands, but I would imagine they probably hate that label, too, because I think it is kind of limiting.

Indy: So you guys never look at your shoes while playing?

CJ: I think they got that label more because they were looking at their guitar pedals, because they have to do a little dance in between the different parts to switch the pedals on and off. I always felt like it should have been called pedal-gaze, but that doesn't have as nice of a ring to it.

Indy: I read on your blog that you've done a couple lemon juice fasts. Have you written any songs under the influence of lemon juice?

CJ: No, I've written songs under the influence of many things, but not lemon juice.

At the Black Sheep, Oct. 21.


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