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GOP credentials

Larimore Nicholl offered a list of things that might help an "undecided" to decide which side to align with ("Party pooper," Letters, Aug. 1).

Might I add to his list?

You are most like a Republican if:

• You want to repeal "Obamacare" and keep the insurance you just purchased under the ACA.

• You want to keep government out of your life and only regulate what others might wish to do with theirs.

• You think that owning more than one gun makes you a member of a militia.

• You think that yours is the only "True Religion."

• You think that a mandated minimum wage will ruin the economy and have no awareness of the history of it.

• You think that a "Fair Tax" makes sense, and have no comprehension of how such a thing might work, or how it could take the nation out of debt.

• You think that every businessman actually "did it himself," but cannot actually find one who did.

• You think that everyone on welfare is cheating you out of your hard-earned dollars.

• Your estate is less than $5.5 million and you think the government will not let you bequeath 100 percent of your wealth to your loved ones when you die.

• You think that using the word "asshole" will win any political discussion.

• You think that "agree to disagree" is the best way to meet any argument you cannot answer with either facts or sound logic.

• You think that "Meaning what he says, and saying what he means!" is more important than what is said or meant.

• You think that "They're all bums and should be thrown out of Washington!"

• You don't "think," you "believe."

— Bruce Budy


Equal time

Many thanks to Larimore Nicholl for his heartfelt "handy guide" for helping prospective voters choose a political party. In the interest of public service, here's a supplement to his guide:

You may be a Democrat if:

• You think fishing without a license should be a criminal offense while entering the country without a license should result in government benefits.

• You believe there should be a heavy fine for destroying sea turtle eggs but there should be government funding for dismembering unborn humans.

• You believe that raising the limit on your credit card makes good financial sense when you max it out.

• You chant "power to the people" until the people vote for something you don't like. Then you run to the courts to overturn it.

• You think that taking guns from law-abiding people will make criminals behave themselves.

If you don't fit into any of the categories above, you might be a Republican.

— John Howell

Colorado Springs

Strange alliances

I think you may have gotten Mr. Hightower's article out a little late ("TPP threatens U.S. sovereignty," LowDown, Aug. 19).

TPP was scrapped for the time being because all the players at the table could not agree on certain items within the agreement.

We dodged the bullet on this temporarily, but TPP only affected the Asian arena. They plan to reconvene to discuss the agreement in November.

In this game of "Whack-A-Mole," a new head has popped up. It's called TTIP. This is the European version which is currently under negotiations and it affects us in just the same way.

Rep. Doug Lamborn, Sen. Cory Gardner and Sen. Michael Bennet have all supported (and voted for) TPP despite overwhelming citizen opposition to this agreement.

This is especially troublesome because Rep. Lamborn sits on the Armed Services Committee. So for all his talk about supporting our men and women fighting for our freedom, he is willing to give up our sovereignty to multinational corporations.

Once again showing us that we are living in an oligarchy, instead of a democracy despite the rhetoric you hear from them.

— Glenn Reihing

Cañon City

Wrong path

I completely agree with David Johnson's letter about the proposed Ute Pass Trail ("Not the right trail," Letters, Aug. 19). This has to be one of the most ill-conceived ideas ever. It seems that hikers and bicyclists are generally environmentalists who appreciate nature and want to protect and enjoy it. The proposed path would not only be unenjoyable but quite dangerous. This route would have people riding/hiking through heavy vehicular traffic, which could cause serious injury.

We no longer walk this road due to blind curves and speeding traffic. Have the county leaders thought about our large garbage and recycling trucks, the mail and paper delivery and residents backing out of driveways? Maintenance is another unknown. I understand the last few feet of the driveways are county owned as an easement, however ruts are a constant factor and we now have to call and bed for maintenance. I ask for commissioners to please reconsider!

— Kathy Petitt


Who's more equal?

I once asked a citizen of the Soviet Union why there was such a discrepancy in how people were esteemed in his country? His reply: "We are all equal — some are just more equal than others!"

I was reminded of this when a family friend passed away in Florida City. She had breast cancer and sought treatment through the USA's 37th-ranked health care system. She had no insurance (no benefits for the two jobs she worked); and because she lived in Florida, she could not get expanded Medicaid! For 18 months, she was "shifted" from doctor to doctor and hospital-to-hospital; finally, being sent home to die last week, surrounded by her family of tax-paying, law-abiding, educated citizens.

The good news for GOP presidential candidates, including Sen. Marco Rubio, she will not need to be deported; thus, saving the government money that can be used by the Pentagon; same, which they cannot seem to find $8.5 trillion we have already sent them, but "stuff" happens!

I saw Jimmy Carter was to commence his treatment for brain cancer with the drug Keytruda™ for $150,000/year after being diagnosed only a week ago. Let me be clear: President Carter is a good and decent man and in my opinion was a good president (he didn't spill the blood of our young men and women in senseless wars; nor did he spend trillions of our treasure fighting needless wars); and he still continues to be a champion for the less fortunates around the world.

I do not, for one moment, begrudge President Carter of his treatment. I do attribute my friend's demise to Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-dominated Florida legislature and their indifferent, uncaring, hardhearted, unfeeling, heartless, cold, callous, selfish, insensitive, unsympathetic and unconcerned governance (sic), for not expanding Medicaid for the less fortunate.

Rest in peace, Maggie Alvarado!

— James M. Hesser

Colorado Springs

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