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Re: “Marijuana legalization groups ready to fight ... with each other

I agree, Marijuana was used as a term to portray cannabis as a problem caused by Mexicans and Hispanics, was a term borne of racist propaganda in Anslingers day and like calling the effects of cannabis as being "Intoxication", which it isn't, intoxication isn't relevant to Cannabis because there is nothing toxic about it, we create our own 'endocannabinoids' our bodies do not treat the presence of cannabinoids from our Cannabis use as a toxic presence, which is why the body takes 3 weeks, give or take a few days to individual metabolism, to process it out, whereas, Alcohol is processed out of our bodies in a matter of hours, because everything about Alcohol happens to be toxic over the equivalent to a glass of wine in 24 hours, we create our own cannabinoids in our bodies, we certai8nly do not create Alcohol in our bodies.

But because the DEA started talking in terms of cannabis intoxication in their propaganda, many in the cannabis community repeat that term used to vilify cannabis, so copying the DEA and themselves vilifying Cannabis even though they use it themselves.

Using the term marijuana is no different, given the etymology, when we call cannabis Marijuana, we are essentially vilifying cannabis in the same way prohibitionists did and do.

I agree with Legalise2012, it's Cannabis not Marijuana, but many are conditioned to it, i've pointed out to many why calling Cannabis MJ isn't right, same as calling it "Dope" but get answers like, "I've always called it that so it doesn't mean anything bad to me." and similar, even though by using these prohibitionist terms, we are essentially vilifying Cannabis ourselves.

End of the day though, we shouldn't allow terminology to drive wedges among ourselves, we all want the same thing, Cannabis legalised, so should work together not fall out over bad terminology created by prohibitionists, by being partisan over terminology, we are playing right into the hands of modern prohibitionists, they love it when pro lobby groups fall out among ourselves, does part of the divide and conquer job for them.

So as much as i agree, it's Cannabis, not Marijuana, it’s an area of disagreement we should keep private among ourselves, not fall out and separate from eachother, which weakens us as a collective, together we stand, divided we fall, ay.

Peace. : )

PaxDelta -

- - -

[@Citizen Pain:

Dude, that's an up your own ass comment just for the sake of it and trying to appear as being some expert, but it's a silly thing to say because it's nonsense.

Nothing wrong with that bud, stem isn't too thick at all, stem thickness etc is strain/hybrid dependant, some are thinner, some are thicker, some strains/hybrids with thicker stems have better qualities in effect and benefit than others with thinner stems, and vice versa, and everything inbetween.

That is a nice bit of Sativa and as long as is dried and cured properly that stem will weigh practically nothing and doesn't detract from the quality of the bud and sweetleaf on that stem nor the particular effects and benefits that Sativa would provide.

Only thing i would criticise, is it's a bit immature, trichomes appear a tad too clear, which can be dealt with simply by adding more dark in final couple of weeks, 10/14 to 06/18 max, (light/dark,) as shortening the photoperiod hastens ripening, similar to the days shortening after Autumn Equinox passes in nature accelerates ripening of Sativa's which don't like to ripen if kept on 12/12, if indoor cultivated, just leave in the ground longer of outdoor grown, less ripe cannabis means less THC complex Oxidised cannabinoids, so effects would be rushy using that, as well unripe weed with clear trichomes have less beneficial qualities which come from the Oxidised THC's, that's all is wrong with that bud, unripe.

But the only difference between what your dispensary vends, and that, is the pictured is obviously a different strain/hybrid to what you regularly purchase bruv, don't know if ye noticed, but there are hundreds of strains and a few thousand hybrids among the genetic diversity of psychoactive Cannabis, most have variances in stem thicknesses, calyx sizes, leaf to calyx ratios etc, etc, etc.

You are obviously not an expert, just want to sound like one, with any real expert, you won't come across as one by making silly comments like that bruv, quite the opposite in fact.

Peace. : )

[… ]

Posted by PaxDelta on 07/09/2011 at 5:08 AM

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