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A Democrat, really

Thank you for your article on Jariah Walker ("Not like the others," News, Feb. 5), and boy, did your title sum it up: "A Democrat thinks he can win a county seat. No, really."

Considering that it has been 40 years since a Democrat has been elected, you'd wonder how this guy could possibly think he could win. But I know why he thinks he can win. He's running against Peggy Littleton.

I can't think of any better way to demonstrate Littleton's lack of representation than by pointing out another headline, this one on Littleton's website right now: "Close Call — Massive Solar Flare Missed Earth by Two Weeks!"

I kid you not.

Commissioner Littleton strikes me as a nice person, but it seems that she has never really understood her role on the Board of County Commissioners. We need people who are focused on county issues, who are working to make our county a better place to live, and not people who are preoccupied by solar flares.

So Jariah Walker is a Democrat. So what? Also according to your article, he is a successful businessman and a volunteer for a nonprofit that works to prevent child abuse. Both are pluses in my book. I will be interested in hearing more from him, and as long as what he says doesn't border on science fiction, he's going to have my vote. Hands down.

— Micheale Duncan

Colorado Springs

Just pay PERA...

It didn't surprise me when I read that a judge had ruled that the City of Colorado Springs has to pay for the retirements already earned by former Memorial employees ("Judge sides with PERA against the city," IndyBlog, Feb. 11). That we are spending tax dollars for lawyers to argue this self-evident issue is what bothers me.

I hope that the City just settles this issue by paying PERA — and the sooner the better because the interest owed for the city's short-sighted decision to not pay up is growing every day.

— Emy Jacobsen

Colorado Springs

...and move on

As a resident of Colorado Springs, I had never understood why the city had taken a position to keep the funds which were due to PERA in the lease of the Memorial Hospital System. The recent ruling of a judge that PERA is indeed owed the liabilities from Memorial Hospital's employees is not a surprise.

The only surprise — and a disappointment — would be if the city were to appeal the decision and continue litigation at taxpayers' expense. It's time for our elected officials to recognize that they have lost this battle, pay PERA what it is owed and move on.

— Balu Bhayani

Colorado Springs

Let's ski Pikes Peak

I enjoyed your article about the proposed land swap with The Broadmoor ("Taking a powder," News, Jan. 29). It is a shame that we cannot get a ski resort to be built on the property that The Broadmoor wants to exchange with the U.S. Forest Service.

This area would attract a lot of skiers and boarders from Colorado Springs and other local areas that would provide a real ski experience without having to travel to Summit and Eagle counties. A ski resort in the Pikes Peak region would bring in much tourism and associated food and lodging business opportunities with employment for our area. I am a lifetime skier and have been in the Pikes Peak region since 1978 and would really enjoy an area that is close at hand. Instead, I must travel at least 90 miles to get to Breckenridge for a day of skiing.

A ski resort would also increase property values in the local communities. I think it would be much better than the gambling at Cripple Creek.

— Peter Gebhardt


Future command

To Spartacus (Military Religious Freedom Foundation advertisement, p. 2, Feb. 12): If your hearts are filled with so much hate, disrespect and arrogance toward your fellow cadets, I wonder how you will behave yourselves when you graduate and are placed in positions of authority? Will you begin to act out your disrespect toward your non-gay, non-lesbian, non-atheist subordinates, or will you simply push the envelope to further politicize and polarize the armed forces?

Only time will tell.

— Daniel Arcelay

Colorado Springs

Move the problem

Mayor Steve Bach knows that the homeless will continue to vex the downtown area as long as the Marian House Soup Kitchen continues to provide essential services to the community. The best way around that is to build a bigger, better facility to address the need.

Where to put it? Nobody wants it in their neighborhood. The OCC rallied to reject the Kum & Go plan to move into the space on Colorado Avenue and 23rd Street. Let's put that community spirit to good use! Expand the Westside Cares program, which is currently overwhelmed with clients, to include a medical clinic and hot lunches. The need is not going away. Choose a focal point.

By the way, the new Kum & Go is the best part of South Nevada.

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

Let Phil do it

In all the storm and stress over funding of the City for Champions projects, has anybody noticed that one person could rather easily solve all those problems single-handedly?

Coloradan Philip Anschutz has an estimated net worth of over $10 billion — an almost unimaginable amount.

The $120 million offered by the Economic Development Commission seems almost like pocket change by comparison. And yet much disagreement still rages over how much of that to spend on what, and if deadlines can be met.

Would it cost as much as $1 billion to build all four projects to lavish standards? That's only one-tenth of Mr. Anschutz's wealth, and he would not be left bereft. He already owns the Gazette and the Broadmoor. He could follow the legendary footsteps of William Palmer and Spencer Penrose in helping to build Colorado Springs, and would become a legend himself.

— Larimore Nicholl

Colorado Springs


• A news brief in last week's issue ("Radio station gets go-ahead") referred to Dennis Apuan as Colorado Springs' 17th District representative, a position that is now held by Tony Exum Sr.

• Last week's cover story ("Sea of holes") mentioned "Pace hardware store"; the reference should have been to a now-closed membership warehouse called PACE.

We regret the errors.

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