Pedophile dad, 'reform' candidates, Richard Skorman, and more 


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Phantom 'reformers'

Who is Jon Caldera actually representing when it comes to supporting "reform" candidates ("Reform schooled," News, Nov. 11)? How many of the parents in the districts that "reform" candidates lost are shlepping the "Conservative Dependence Institute" money for these "reform" candidates? That's right: Conservative Dependence Institute. It's dependent on other people's money.

Who are these other people? He does not have to divulge his sources since the Dependence Institute is a nonprofit. Do they really have you and your child's educational welfare in mind? Are his funders members of the educational/industrial complex? Or a national charter school organization whose sole purpose is privatizing public education like in New Orleans? How about the school-to-prison pipeline supported by the prison/industrial complex? Or very rich individuals with a warped political and economic philosophy, with more money than sense?

Jon supported the 'No' position on Amendment 66 that would have raised $1 billion for education. A question for Jon: Would you like to spend $1 billion on education or keep the school-to-prison pipeline" greased? The money is going to be spent either way. Which would be more economically viable for Colorado: schools or prisons?

So, Jon (a classic taker in Congressman Paul Ryan's definition) needs to let the Jedi die in his sleep. The voters of the school districts where the "reform" candidates lost are slowly waking up to the hoax that is being perpetuated. We don't need Jon and the Conservative Dependence Institute's Bovine Scatology.

Parents: At the next election cycle look to see who's bankrolling these candidates. If it's Jon Caldera's outfit, Americans for Prosperity (whose prosperity?), American Legislative Exchange Council (aka ALEC), vote for the other guy or gal.

— Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs

Knowledge is power

There are a lot of things that you do not want to read about. Thank you and J. Adrian Stanley for bringing us the "When dad is a pedophile" article (News, Nov. 11). As a community we can only grow if we are informed. Sometimes that means reading things that we don't want to.

— Charlie Mussi

Colorado Springs

Saint Richard

Hats off to J. Adrian Stanley and the Independent for an outstanding piece of historical journalism ("Mr. Skorman's Neighborhood," feature, Nov. 4) about Richard Skorman and his courageous contributions to our city and surrounding communities. Too bad he's not Catholic, because if he were, I would nominate him for sainthood. Heck, I just might do it anyway.

— Gregory Olinyk

Colorado Springs

Nice guys

Yay, Indy — what a nice change from hammering politics. Poor Richard's continues to be a landmark downtown gem for Colorado Springs. Great atmosphere and delicious hit-the-spot healthy food keeps bringing us back. We've visited Poor Richard's for decades. Our late-20s/30-year-old kids remember playing with toys there, and it all just keeps getting better. Richard and Patricia are doing well by running a business mindfully. Downtown is better off and customers get to enjoy the warmth that permeates the restaurant, wine bar and bookstore. Thanks, Indy for focusing on a successful business run with kindness. In this hectic world it's nice to note that occasionally nice guys finish first!

— Tom Preble


Making progress

Thank you.

This past election was a good reminder — the majority of those living here do value this little piece of paradise we call home. Voters unselfishly and overwhelmingly voted to forgo $11 so that 11 miles of trail would be repaired.

Portions of eight major trails used by children to get to school, neighbors to get out for a walk and bicyclists to get to work will be resurfaced. Work on the first three — Shooks Run, Skyline and Sand Creek — will start within months. Then crews will tackle the Rock Island trail followed by Homestead and Palmer-Mesa. And finally, sometime next summer a stretch of the Sinton Trail and Pikes Peak Greenway will be repaired. One year from now all work should be completed, making 11 miles of our trail system safer for users. It's a great start — again, thank you.

— Susan Davies, Executive Director

Trails and Open Space Coalition


One hundred percent of what Planned Parenthood does is for the health of women. Ninety-five percent of what they do is for the health of the baby. However, many procedures that women undergo are very medically invasive, with long recovery times.

Wouldn't a compassionate person who supports population control, support a free vasectomy clinic in every town. Just freeze a couple of samples and go about your business.

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

Prioritizing justice

Paraphrasing John Thompson's Letter "Tread softly, greenies," he appropriately suggests that while climate change should be addressed in a timely, logical manner, the relative urgency of the issue does not justify the risks of a contentious moral war against "climate haters." Such sensibilities would benefit other popular causes as well:

While an angry mob of privileged college students chant themselves into hysterical fits of self-righteous rage over perceived acts of social injustice no matter how dubious or frivolous, they might more appropriately focus on the injustice of actual Islamist genocide against "infidel" Jews and Christians, the subordination of women and capital punishment (by stoning) of homosexuals (and adulterers) prescribed by Sharia law, and the increasingly strident demand from assertive Muslim activists that all humanity show appropriate deference to Islam.

These same youthful protestors scream at the world that they want "free" health care, "free" education and $15 bucks an hour (and they want it now damn it!) — while they would benefit more to protest the wasteful and unnecessarily expensive government-run educational system that exploits them, to protest a corrupt federal government that forces them to pay a $19 trillion debt incurred by others, and to protest against the millions of illegal aliens that violate our immigration laws working cheap for cash and destroying fair wages and employment opportunities.

Other activists demand the reform of police operations rather than reform of failed government policies that cause dependency, broken families, failing schools, crime and tragically high black-on-black murder rates (9,000 per year or so according to some sources).

We must prioritize a national defense that protects us from Communist dictators and Islamic death squads, limiting federal government to defined constitutional roles and balanced budgets, choice and free enterprise in education, and a healthy dose of humility before our Creator.

— Joe Morin



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