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Lawful wedded husbands

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No limo, no florist, no gaggle of apron-clad caterers. With just a hotel clerk conscripted as a witness and a bare-bones exchange of vows, on Oct. 6, Greg and Paul Weeks of Colorado Springs were pronounced "lawful wedded husbands" by the Canadian province of British Columbia.

"We've been together 20 years so ...we're kind of jaded," explains Greg, a 50-year old software engineer who is pictured on the left.

The newlyweds have lived on a hilltop just west of Interstate 25 for the last six years. They have a quiet home life, indulging in a little wine while staring out at an enviable view of Pikes Peak from their deck.

"The very mundaneness of our lives is somewhat the point," explains Paul, 54, a self-described "homemaker."

"We're just like anyone else, but maybe a little more boring."

For the Weeks, their marriage in Canada was largely a symbolic gesture. The way Paul understands it, the thorny issue over gay marriage is something of a semantic struggle.

"The single word 'marriage' really defines two separate things," he explains. "There's civil marriage, which is about legal rights and responsibilities, and then there's religious ceremony. I think what the general freakout is about is the religious side of it; that when people hear the word 'marriage' what they think is this ceremony in a church with a veil and all that, and they object -- I'm just guessing -- to that solemn, sacred ceremony being somehow taken over."

For the Weeks, the ideal world would, of course, include legal gay marriage. They are considering immigrating to British Columbia, Canada, where gay marriages are legally recognized.

As Paul notes, the world is not what it was during his childhood. Having been married before to a woman, he wishes society was further along in accepting who he is.

"If at five years-old, what I knew about the world was that most boys marry girls, but some boys marry boys, and if that was an actual option, it would have completely changed my life."

-- John Dicker

photo by Bruce Elliot


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