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Sometimes, waiting to incarnate is all about watching The Weather Channel. Just ask a snowman.

Recently constructed snowman Kevin (pictured above), who was formed by a 7/11 employee on plow duty, said Friday that he was just thrilled with his little hotdog nose, rock eyes, rock mouth (with cigar) and broom arms.

"This is just special," he said.

With weather expected to remain cold, the unmoving man of flakes said he looked forward to hanging around longer than a typical Colorado weather pattern allowed.

"Yeah, uh, my friend Doug he's a Yeti and I were hoping to check out a cowboy bar while in town," said Kevin.

When asked about the pros and cons of being a snowman, the icy form made no gesture whatsoever and replied: "Well, for starters, everyone's always like, "Hey, do you know Frosty?' And I'm like, "Dude, just 'cuz I'm compacted snow in the vague form of a man, you think we're all related?'"

After cooling off a bit, Kevin also stated that yellow snow, particularly from a dog, is not funny if it's part of your body. And melting is like "watching reruns of "Designing Women.'"

But on the plus side, Kevin said, "Kids love me, I'm always in the center of a photograph and I know lots of jokes."

When pressed, Kevin the Snowman offered up this gem: "What's the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?"

After pausing for dramatic effect, Kevin, still smiling, exclaimed: "Snowballs!"


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