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Everyone we approached regarding this week's story about Colorado Springs establishing the nation's first cat park responded with a wary smile and either a "That can't be true," or "April Fool's, right?"

click to enlarge Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin of the Memorial Park area is a student.

To what extent are you a dog person or cat person? I love all animals, but I'm definitely a dog person. Dogs have more personality and desire for companionship than cats.

What'd your take be on a public cat park? You've heard the adage about herding cats?

What would be the biggest problem there? Cats getting away.

Name another animal that should have its own park. Three-toed sloths. They don't have any place to play.

Are you an April Fool's devotee? I'm not a prankster, myself, but it's fine with me as long as it's in fun.

click to enlarge Tony Ramos

Tony Ramos of the west side is a pizza maker.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? I'm a huge cat person. They're fluffy and lovable, but they're also independent and need less care than dogs.

Would a cat park work? Cats are lovable, but not all that sociable. They'd be getting into it with each other and climbing trees to get away from everything.

What things would a cat park feature? A gigantic kitty condo with scratching posts, little perches, and cubby holes to hide in.

How do you see April Fool's pranks? They're uniquely human. Animals don't pull pranks. A really good prank is a kind of magic.

Is there someone you'd love to pull an April Fool's prank on? My boss. He's such an asshole sometimes. Still, he's my boss, so I do little things that are playfully aggressive so I can get away with it.

click to enlarge Renee Ramsey

Renee Ramsey of Old Colorado City does teleconferencing.

Would you categorize yourself more as a dog person or a cat person? Cats are fine, but dogs need you more. I have a dog and I love it.

How does the idea of a cat park strike you? It'd be awesome. I'd go to it.

What would that park have? Lots of tubes and tunnels. Lots of yarn.

What'd be the biggest issue for a cat park? Cats fighting.

What other animal would you nominate for a special park? Guinea pigs are overlooked.

Describe the best April Fool's prank pulled on you. Several friends have told me they're pregnant as an April Fool's joke.

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