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Re: “Letters

I have no comment on anything particular. I will say that President Obama is in too soon for any of these pundits to think their negative opinions should be taken serious, but like people who speak just to hear their jaws flap,they like to hear their jaws flp. I didn't vote for a president alone; I vote for a team, a broad band of experience. That's why I made a mistake and voted for McCain; I wish I had cast for Obama. Such is the potential for catastrophe facing us that I want new, articulate blood representing me, my nation. No one takes George Bush to task for leaving us eaten down to our skeleton; no one examines the teeth marks on the bones to find many matched his cronies. Instead, and a lot to do with racism if we are honest, drool over the prospects of picking President Obama apart. The only saving grace is one is fooled this time. Consumers have seen the corporations and their rich owners cheat, lie, and steal...and come crashing down. Consumers will destroy them now by not buying.

Posted by Pete Heron on 03/10/2009 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Our brother's keeper?

As a society, we grow tired of detox centers. Of course people are confused, not understanding that a detox unit is a shortterm bandaid to a longterm problem. I have lived over half a century and drugs has held center-stage that entire time. In one way or the other drugs is in the news everyday. Frankly, detox helps so very, very few. I firmly believe that long term incarceration - not the five years that addicts once faced in Kentucky somewhere - is the answer. Like a year. Period. This certainly dries them out. Twelve steps programs are fully available. Finally, perhaps some legalization is the answer. I have witnessed the War on Drugs. What an abject, total failure. If the 'W.O.D.' were a person, it would resemble an old junkie, worn out, a deadened brain with nothing new to offer, sucking money from any source it could. That's the War On Drugs. Legalize drugs. Perhaps offer balances: you use hard drugs, sign here. By doing so you abdicate your right to social security one day, but still must contribute. You use certain hard drugs, sign here. You give up your right to a driver's license(or other permit and license) until such time as you enter a one year program and are determined drug free. Creativity is sorely needed in this day and age. Detox units, Rehabs, have lost the public's respect. Like prisons that turn out returning cons, these institutions turn out returning addicts. Their success rate is abysmal. I don't have all the answers other than stop filling our prisons with drug criminals. Legalize drugs, yet if people violate laws while on drugs, put them away at least a year seperate from the crime penalty. And stop feeding this monster-sized national law enforcement beast. It feeds primarily on drug addicts and minorities, and a significant number of caucasians. The War On Drugs is the fuel that a million people in law enforcement depend on for employment. it's not right; it's not fair.

Posted by Pete Heron on 02/07/2009 at 4:04 AM

Re: “Song without end

I believe we have passed the point where this is news and we simply thrill ourselves by reading of Haggard's indescretions. Look, the guy stoked himself on methamphetamine. How rational did we expect him to be? Of course he was wrong, sinful, downright perverted in my opinion. But this hanging out of his laundry borders on the bizarre. That Haggard would hang his laundry out there doesn't surprise me. That papers like the CS Independent hangs it out troubles me. This paper represents a very liberal slant,so who are the readers the Independent caters to with such a story? I almost feel like they're gay readers who enjoy the torment of outing someone, or, in this case, of an entire church dragged through the ringer because of its holier than thou leader falling so far; that it had gay sex in it makes it sweeter for the gay constituency. If it wasn't the Independent touting this garbage as news, I would think that Christian rightwind evangelicals were behind it: those like Haggard once was, repressed, condemning, hiding a secret life. Whoever it is, our newspapers deserve to give us the readers their professional respect. This is trash reporting at it's 'best.' It lowers the Independent's esteem in our eyes, and it feeds two camps poles apart. Haggard needs to be ignored, forgotten, and, frankly, wished the best of luck in resolving a life fully wrecked. Tagging him over and over is overkill, even if Haggard contributes as much or more to his own disparagement.

Posted by Pete Heron on 02/07/2009 at 3:39 AM

Re: “Everybody makes mistakes

I am being too harsh about law enforcement, but I have seen ADAs, and not a few cops, crush a defendant. One way of doing, short of framing...which, if you don't think happens, sometimes only to cover their backsides, is to lay multiple charges. Example: a man argues with a cop who stands on a footpost. Man within rights to curse cop; cop tired of guff, cites man with disorderly conduct. Man refuses ticket, cop flustered attempts to cuff man, who twists and turns. They fall to ground. Man breaks his jaw and collarbone while falling. Now the cop claims that he also suffered injury. Charges are upped to assault on a police officer; if a cop is worried enough, especially if had to belt the man with a blunt weapon or taser, he will charge man with attempted murder of a police officer. This is far from uncommon: three most common charges are: discon, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. Don't believe me, go check any large PDs arrest records...if you can. Now, man is left holding the bag, and facing YEARS in prison. Probably can't afford an attorney at the rates needed to defend against such serious charges. So now he has to plead down...and still do a few years, in addition to the mark of bad felonies on him. The cop? He covered himself...and there are a LOT of them like that. The ADA? He's striving for promotion. He's looking for a slambam conviction rate so he can claim, in the future, that as a Defense Attorney now, he has the know how. Both know they railroaded an innocent man.

Posted by Pete Heron on 01/26/2009 at 8:23 PM

Re: “Everybody makes mistakes

Any one who trusts law enforcement is an idiot. Not that I have sympathy for burglars and robbers, but people in law enforcement will lie, cheat, and commit crimes to get convictions. They are the scum of the earth, criminals in sheeps' clothing

Posted by Pete Heron on 01/22/2009 at 3:02 PM

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