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Re: “Talking back

To Disgusted in Denver: Thanks for the good imput. We need to hit him as hard as we can.
I'm a bit confused. Could this "key man" policy possibly mean that Larry the Weasel is going to meet his maker. Or perhaps he intends to claim a permanent incapacity. He claimed the defendants in one of his sham lawsuits caused his irritable bowel syndrome. Don't put it past him to claim he can't get off the pot to perform his duties.
Now wouldn't it completely ice his cake if "netta" should be promoted to CEO.
Thanks also to Duped in Pueblo for that comment. I'm a little surprised that any one from Pueblo doesn't consider hernandez the God send he claims to be. It's pretty certain he figures he has all those in Pueblo completely bamboozled and in awe of his almighty powers.

Posted by p.o.ed parent on 07/03/2009 at 10:21 PM

Re: “Rewriting on the wall

To InspireInform and KaPa above: Trying to shame this weasel will do no good. He has neither shame nor morals. He came to Pueblo because he knew he could take full advantage of the poor people here. And all the enablers he hires will see to it that he will continue.
The only way to stop this fraud is to drop his enrollment. If the people who have kids in his schools would take them out(but they seem too stupid to do so) and if those with thoughts of entering would stick with public schools or choose other private or charter schools there would not be these exorbitant profits and he will lose all concern for the educational needs of our children and his "benevolence" will be a thing long forgotten. But remember! The funding does not follow the child. If your kid starts, hernandez keeps the money. A loophole not ignored by him. Come count deadline(Oct. 1) he will start paring down his "undesirable" population.
To J. Adrian Stanley: I guess you know you are the only one with the guts to publish this extremely important business. In hernandez' comment above he asks that you investigate the background of these people who are attacking him. Well I suggest an investigation into his background. What is the real relationship he had with Harvard. Where was he before he came to Pueblo and why did he leave? Another thing to check is what is(or was) the Latino Development Group, with whom he contracted as the CEO/ Chairman of the Board of CCA(an unusual situation to say the least). What was their relationship? I believe it has morphed into some other entity that advises him and his cabal. Also I think it would be quite revealing to investigate the background of each board member.
So many possibilites exist it's hard to know where to begin.
But one thing is for sure; someone with the expertise to do it, must.
A much wiser man than I once told me that I shouldn't worry. His ilk cannot stop once they start and they always take too much and eventually their greed will hang them high. Let's hope he has reached his Waterloo.
Please keep up the good work. Thank you

Posted by p.o.ed parent on 06/29/2009 at 10:54 PM

Re: “Rewriting on the wall

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Indepenpendent and to your reporter Mr./Ms. Stanley for shedding some light on this important business. It is so gratifying to find some one not afraid of Hernandez. I think that you should be prepared because Hernandez's weapon of choice is the civil law suit. Here in Pueblo he picks poor folks who can't possibly afford even to answer let alone fight it out in court. That's what he used to intimidate the parents who openly accused Cesar Chavez Academy of CSAP cheating the first time. But my advice is not to use homeowners insurance. Hernandez knows the insurance companies would rather settle than litigate. That's what happened in the early law suits and he made a few thousand dollars that way. Only two answered with a private attorney. Although Hernandez instigated the suit, his tactic was to delay' delay and delay some more One suit was finally rejected by the court and decided in favor of the defendent. The other is still in the courts because of his delaying tactics. Hernandez will sue even though he doesn't have a case. He'll use the courts to financially get you. So please advise against the use of home owners insurance.
To Blog above: The training involves "Do it my way or I'll fire and/or sue you." As for this Vise person, The rumor has it that he too is owned by Hernandez so don't count on anything coming out of an investigation done by the CSI.
To Albion above: Student accomodations is just one part of the sleazy tricks Hernandez uses to embellish his number one marketing tool, CSAP scores. Then the fine young man who was ashamed to receive an award for one hundred percent on the CSAPS because he knew it was the result of cheating.
Not only does Hernandez cherry pick his students, he also does it with his board of directors. The number one requirement to be on his board is to be a complete sycophant (spelled with a capital SYCOPHANT).
So many anecdotes exist that it's difficult to shut up.
I'll sign off now hoping his enrollment drops by ninety five percent this summer.
Again, thank you Indy and to your reporter (the byline makes it difficult to determine Mr. or Ms.) but thanks just the same. Noone in Pueblo wants to do it. When this first started the Chieftain said it wants irrefutable proof. Hell if I had irrefutable proof I'd file charges myself. I thought the hallmark of the fourth estate was in depth investigation.

Posted by p.o.ed parent on 06/25/2009 at 8:18 PM

Re: “Avoiding the mothership

Therewas a famous bank robber who was asked, "Why do you rob banks?" He replied, "because that's where the money is." One could ask Lawrence "Weasel" Hernandez a similar question. Why do you pimp the children of Pueblo? His answer probably would be, "Because thats where the money is and along with the most incompetent oversight by parents and the powers that be the easiest place to bleed them all." Pueblo is not the first stop on his treasure seeking mission. But it's the first place he found to be the softest touch and not a soul will know the difference. Some concerned folks who had him figured out from almost the very start tried to apprise everyone in Pueblo of the shenanigans he was and is still pulling off. But I guess the Pueblo Chieftain was afraid if demonstrations that were threatened. Besides I believe Juan Espinoza is the closest they can come to for an investigative reporter. And the poor people he targeted here are in such desparate need of some kind of hero that they often stated that they do not care how much money he takes. So here we sit and nothing is going to take place until all the stupid parents who have kids in his school should disenrol and those who are thinking about enroling. Please, DO NOT DO IT! His schools don't offer anything public school don't. Cheating on CSAP was brought to the attention of district 60 after only the second series of tests were taken. What started out as inquiries about 6,000 dollars has now turned into a question of 600,000 dollars. But never fear nothing will be done until parents remove their children from his schools. If you are a good parent you don't need false promises to educate your kids. PLEASE TAKE THEM OUT AND DON'T EVEN THINK OF STARTING UNLESS YOU REALLY DON'T CARE.

Posted by p.o.ed parent on 06/18/2009 at 10:03 PM

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