Police brutalized, PTSD and pot, American opportunity, and more 


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Stop the whitewash

John Howell's letter "Opportunity abounds" (July 22) fails every attempt to make its point by repeatedly comparing apples to Oldsmobiles.

For example, drawing a correlation between largely rural states with a high percentage of American Indians and support for conservative principles is disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst. One has nothing to do with the other. Many tribes were moved to such places because the land was considered worthless to white settlers.

Also, comparing the median income of American black families to statistics from other nations lacks relevance to the point Mr. Howell thinks he is making: How great minorities have it in America. Sure they do (maybe), until we compare the numbers he cites to similar statistics for white Americans.

Furthermore, the belief that migration patterns prove his point cannot pass without comment. People who lack routine access to resources white families like mine, and presumably Mr. Howell's, have taken for granted for generations — safe housing, working utilities, transportation, jobs, education and training, health care — obviously lack the means to (in his words) "escape this country and go someplace better."

He is correct, however, describing himself as a "cheerleader" — irrelevant and in the way who screams loudly and repeatedly how great things are going, despite the reality on the field. The problem is, Mr. Howell and many of his fellow conservatives share a naive, whitewashed (I use the term deliberately) view of American history.

Sorry, but the passive bigotry of decades of unenforced civil rights laws and underfunded aid programs have not repaired the damage caused by centuries of active racism, violent suppression and exploitation of all minorities who helped make America great. Wishful thinking will not make it otherwise.

— Rev. Harry Dawson

Colorado Springs

Issues and ideas

I always appreciate the Indy's coverage of topics. I was reading about the same-sex Kemppainen couple and don't understand why a medical power of attorney didn't come into play so Shawna could advise on medical treatments for Lisa. Lots of us aren't married or even in a relationship and have these so our sibling our best friend can help. I hope I don't have to marry my sister!

As for police brutality, could you also do an investigation of how often the police are brutally attacked by civilians? Please include being spat on, bitten, punched, hit with bottles, etc., and by whom (is the civilian a repeat offender?).

— Mary Gagliardi

Colorado Springs

Unhealthy options

Failing to heed the pleas of veterans and others who suffer from PTSD and know how marijuana helps them, the Colorado Board of Health voted to not add PTSD as a medical condition for which medical marijuana may be prescribed. Instead the board heeded the pleas of medical experts who stood to lose their $150/hour counseling fees to $150/ounce medical marijuana.

At least PTSD sufferers can get drunk and gamble 24/7.

— Bill Schaffner

Colorado Springs

Move over

To "Old and in the way" (Letters, July 22): Get out of the way. My husband and I are over 60. We used the ages of the candidates to determine our vote. No more old guys. Why? Haven't we had enough of their last-century ideas? Diversity is bad?

I beg your pardon, Old, but old white guys have been protected by the old-white-guys-that-have-all-the-power establishment. Obviously you do not know any young professionals so you have no right to judge them (but, oh yeah, you are "owed"). You have had your turn, now get out of the way.

— Janie Knickerbocker

Colorado Springs

Anti-sanctuary cities

To allow the existence of sanctuary cities is unacceptable and intolerable, since they offer safe havens to felons and a despicable assortment of low-life criminals as well as giving shelter to illegals, which puts the legal welfare of those aliens ahead of that of their own residents and all U.S. citizens. That is the ultimate slap in the face!

These cities disregard the laws of this country and consider them not applicable to the likes of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. That mentality must absolutely be put to an end. If any law-abiding individual were to offer the same sanctuary to any of these illegals (s)he would be charged with aiding and abetting in a heartbeat.

Additionally, they ignore ethical and moral issues, making sanctuary cities more offensive and odious. I dare anyone who isn't ignorant to defend San Francisco et al.

— Mimi Vacher

Colorado Springs

Which lives matter?

After reading the Gazette's front-page article about "Black Lives Matter," I was left scratching my head! I am not in disagreement with the message itself, but rather the location to stage the demonstration.

The venue would have been much more appropriate on the South Side of Chicago, East St. Louis or Newark, New Jersey, where black homicides at the hands of other blacks are routine.

But even these cities don't represent the ultimate best possible spots for a Black Lives Matter demonstration. That honor belongs to Planned Parenthood. They are at the absolute top when it comes to destruction of black lives. All the high-violence crime areas in all the U.S. cities combined cannot equal their life-taking capability.

Those who demonstrated haven't connected the dots or are looking for a bandwagon cause. It is illogical to believe that the sonogram showing a living being moving is not life. It's not a frog or a puppy. It is human, and in many cases it's a black human!

"Black Lives Matter" is a moral message and I think the demonstrators would agree. Conversely, is it not immoral to treat the womb as a organ farm awaiting harvest for profit, especially when so many of those organs are black? I'll be looking for the next demonstration in front of Planned Parenthood, but I won't hold my breath.

— Len Bentley

Colorado Springs

The real problem

The Iranian people are a loving, god-fearing people who reject pornography and whiskey. However, they are not buying our sinful ways. We gave the Israeli government 1,000-plus nukes, paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of American workers. Now, Iran might get one?

Let them be, and cut off aid to Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ISIL, Syrian rebels, etc. We meddle in every place where we think we can build a Walmart.

We are the Empire; they're the Rebels.

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

Innovative idea

I just read where Paraguay created a [video] game in which the goal is to steer the Popemobile down a road without hitting potholes. Wish I could create a similar one for Colorado Avenue in the Springs.

— Colleene Johnson

Colorado Springs

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