Press Release on Henry W. Blackwell 

News Release

Harrison School District Two

For Immediate Release

Date: 6/5/2000

Attention: Education Director/Reporter

Dr. Clifford O. Brookhart, Superintendent

Susan Klinsing, Director of Communications

579-2049 Fax: 538-4874

Board of Education President, Dr. Henry W. Blackwell, Sr. to Receive Police Citizen's Award for Escorting Two lost boys to Safety

Dr. Henry W. Blackwell, Sr., president of the Harrison School District Two Board of Education, will receive a Citizen's Award from the Woodland Park Police Department for playing an integral part in the rescue of two boys lost in the area's forest.

At approximately 1:00 p.m. on May 11, 200O, Dr. Blackwell and his wife, Delores, were on a day trip to the forested area around Woodland Park gathering firewood. A series of unique events occurred that day to place Dr. Blackwell at this site at specifically 1:00 p.m. First, Dr. Blackwell and Delores decided to make the trip on the spur of the moment. Dr. Blackwell desired to try out his new chain saw, however, upon arrival, the new chain saw would not start. Frustrated, Dr. Blackwell decided to abandon the wood gathering and instead drive to another wooded area. Upon reaching that area and parking, two young boys, ages 10 and 11, dressed only in shorts and tank tops, approached the Blackwell's van and asked for help and some food stating they had been lost for two hours having strayed from their grandmother's home.

Upon questioning the boys, Dr. Blackwell determined that the brothers, Jeremiah Martan and Joseph Derby, were indeed lost and were not runaways. Dr. Blackwell provided the boys with two diet Cokes and immediately headed to Woodland Park. Dr. Blackwell determined the safest course of action would be to safely deposit the brothers to proper authorities. As they entered the Woodland Park City Limits, Dr. Blackwell spotted a State Trooper's vehicle. Dr. Blackwell informed State Trooper J. D. Hayward of the circumstances and Trooper Hayward immediately escorted Dr. Blackwell's van, with Jeremiah and Joseph, to the Woodland Park Police Department, where the boys' grandmother was contacted.

Upon arriving back at his Colorado Springs home, Dr. Blackwell attempted to start the new chain saw--it started on the first try.

Had Dr. Blackwell not made an impromptu decision to go wood gathering, or had the new chain saw operated properly, Dr. Blackwell would not have been in the area to rescue the two lost boys.

Dr. Henry W. Blackwell, Sr., and his wife, Delores, will be presented with a Citizen's Award by the Mayor at the Woodland Park City Council Meeting on June 29, 7:00 p.m. Council Chambers, 220 W. South Avenue, Woodland Park, Colorado.

For further information, contact:

Officer Jason Weaver, Woodland Park Police Department, 687-9262

Carol Martinez, Secretary to the Chief, Woodland Park Police Department, 687-9262

Dr. Henry W. Blackwell, Sr., President of the Harrison School District Two Board of Education, 574-2174


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