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October 17, 2018 Slideshows » News

Protected and Served 

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Claims of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. A fire chief "retired" with an unexplained $300,000 payout. More issues uncovered by a neighborhood group. There are a lot of big city problems in the tiny city of Fountain.
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Designed by Dustin Glatz
Matthew Schniper
City Hall.
Matthew Schniper
The former God's Pantry location. It's since moved to Security.
Matthew Schniper
What appears to be an old tuberculosis hut, now residing in a town park.
Matthew Schniper
Fountain's clearly not lacking for creative types.
Matthew Schniper
“This town is good at shutting people up who speak out.” — Penny Cimino, Cimino Gun Sales
Matthew Schniper
209 of the city’s 279 employees live outside Fountain’s city limits, including 51 of the city’s 58 police officers.
Matthew Schniper
Fire Chief Darin Anstine departed his position in Fountain with $300,000 contribution to his pension.
Matthew Schniper
A fountain and train car reside across the street from the Darin Anstine Fire Station.
Matthew Schniper
Due to the city's tainted water supply, residents fill water bottles outside Family Dollar, which neighbors the police station.
Matthew Schniper
Access to healthy food's a problem in Fountain, a town where 8.1 percent of the population lives in poverty.
Matthew Schniper
A new activist group called “Fountain – A Place I Call Home” has been asking a lot of questions of the town's officials.
Matthew Schniper
"Sure, I’ve made mistakes over the last four years. Everybody has. Every leader has. We all have. We live and learn.” — Chief of Police Chris Heberer
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