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click to enlarge Elizabeth is always prepared.
  • Elizabeth is always prepared.

Leave it to the Ladies for Liberty to take it off -- some of it, anyway -- in the name of political action. And leave it to us Victorian Americans to stifle freedom of the flesh.

Taking a cue from a group of women in England aged 47 to 62 who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for leukemia, a posse of 16 devoted Colorado Libertarian women recently unveiled their own calendar, to raise money for their party.

For a $10 minimum donation, the ladies are distributing the calendars at gun shows and at political events (you can get yours by calling 303/410-0904). One fellow has already forked over $100 for just one calendar, reports former state party chair Bette Rose Ryan, who appears as Miss September.

Libertarians stand for complete and utter freedom, unfettered and untangled from the mess of mores and rules and regulations that dominate our everyday lives as Americans. They love guns, hate taxes and believe your body is your own. They want a little tiny government that does not regulate or bind corporations or individuals in any sort of way.

click to enlarge Pam is all caught up in red tape.
  • Pam is all caught up in red tape.

For the calendar, the posed women decided to underscore specific monthly themes, like opposing banning books and civil forfeiture laws. The calendars also reference good, bad and weird things throughout history. For example, on Jan. 18, 1644 "perplexed Pilgrims" reportedly observed a flying saucer, marking America's first UFO siting.

The girls themselves are generally scantily clad, but definitely cloaked. Which begs the obvious question: Why didn't they take it all off?

Ryan concedes that in retrospect many, especially the women themselves, wished they had shown a little more skin. But they didn't want to leave the impression that the Libertarian Party just promotes nudity.

"There's nothing wrong with nudity, per se, but we have a lot of Christians who would not find that attractive," Ryan said. "Mostly we wanted young men to be able to put the calendar up on their walls without their moms screaming at them."

And yes, Ryan understands the irony. "While we are supposedly the freest nation in the world, the freedoms are different in England," she said, describing America the prude.

click to enlarge April, who is actually Miss November, burnin the old draft card.
  • April, who is actually Miss November, burnin the old draft card.

That doesn't mean they didn't get a little provocative. Miss May, pictured as Lady Godiva, shows a hint of nipple and ample breast while protesting unethical taxation and supporting ending the income tax.

There are other suggestive poses, as with Miss July's hot-red clad Pam, all bound up in red tape to protest OSHA workplace regulations.

Miss August's Jen looks ecstatic (deliriously so) as she kicks back in a lawn chair, urging support of hemp products.

Elke, a real doctor who is currently running for Jefferson County coroner, appears as Miss March, supporting medical marijuana and the right to die.

And how about Miss April, Elizabeth, who appears at the bottom of a suburban stairway, in an all-black S&M outfit capped with a Stevie Ray Vaughnstyle cowboy hat, halting an unwanted intruder with a bullet?

It's enough to make any red-blooded Libertarian male positively giddy ...

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