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Re: “The face of revenge porn

@Capt Obvious

I'm sorry, but to give my back story would be to lose sight of the focus here, which is certainly not me. I'm a cynic and a dark humored commentator, and I am not interested in becoming part of this story. This situation is unique, in that as someone with a personal axe to grind in it, gets opportunity to take poetic license with someone else, without their consent, to their detriment, as has been done to him by... "guess, who?!" (what goes around, comes around...?)

Also, it's fun, it's entertaining, it gives me something slightly provocative to do in my spare time, and lets face it; deep down in side, WAY DOWN, in those uncomfortable places we don't like to talk about.....no one would care....not really....Oh, we might say things, and even feel a slight sense of shame for our involvement...but not really. Deep down, not really..... (cue, evil maniacal laughter)

In the end I'd rather make a name for myself based on the intentionally inflammatory things I say, rather than the negative things I have experienced.

BTW, does anyone know if you can get ink poisoning from over wiping your anus with color newspaper? Just curious....

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/13/2013 at 10:41 PM

Re: “The face of revenge porn


So, sayeth the Lord! (who, FYI, is the man that lives in the little box in my night stand, next to the condoms and lube) ;p

Your opinions and commentary ARE highly appreciated though, so plz don't stop.

As much as I'd like to do "the right thing" I unfortunately do not have the time or energy (that's right, I'm lazy) to chime in every 30 sec like some of the folks here (2, quite in particular), so I must be content with making as much impact with as little substance as possible (kinda like Craig's sexual reproduction model).

Now, while I keep these guns only for protection (and pulling rope), I can't in good conscious let the intimidation and antagonization factor pass, without action (I am, in all due honesty, one of his earliest victims, and am one of THE people who COULD justify doing violence unto him MYSELF...but this is actually FAR more impacting and entertaining). I also hope everyone here understands that I, personally, in no way, would go out of my way to commit bodily harm on any of the retarded monkeys here.....I'm far too busy maintaining alibis....


The Habitual Lying Woman Beater/Stalker, NOW w/self-proclaiming antagonism!

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/13/2013 at 2:07 PM

Re: “The face of revenge porn

Good morning everyone! It's another lovely Jew worshiping, day, and while you "pray" we play!

That said, let me open with a 'thank you,' to Sally. Personally, I didn't think it was worth the effort to dig up and "research" all those links, but bravo regardless. I understand the need for substance and accuracy, but 'Craig who?' and 'Chance what?' smell like a rotting whale carcass, and I'm not sure at this point, if any one needs substance and details for proof, as the divine scent of failure and loser-ship proceed them.

They spend so much time howling about being victims, and I'm a pragmatist (you know, between woman beatings, and stalkings) so I say, fuck it! I got some rope and torches in the trunk of my car, lets make 'em victims! We can record the whole event, for posterity! There should be little resistance (judging by their posts they only have enough strength to press the 'ctrl' & 'v' keys, so, I'm not even gonna stretch before the abduction. Their current popularity levels should shield us from any public resistance. I've already started blaming the two for the Holocaust, rape's in Africa, child molestation, AIDS and Justin Beiber. Also, I've decided to sell commemorative "The face of revenge, Urinal cakes!' at the event as well. TY Independent for taking the pic for me (I got the idea while gift wrapping my morning bowl movement in The Independent cover page for later delivery).

Now I know some people would rather we burn them at the stake, but since Jews are generally burned at the stake, I have some issues with that. Primarily, that I think it takes away from the Jewish plight (stakes, crucifixion, ovens, are all kinda our thing) by raising them to that level of importance. The idea of slowly drowning them in their own feces would be novel and poetic, but a little impracticable. I'm still a fan of watching them hang and wriggle at the end of a line like the worms they are, but I'm not sure if we would offend the local African American population by lynching dwarfs in the square...

Any feedback?


The habitual lying woman beater/stalker

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/13/2013 at 12:24 PM

Re: “The face of revenge porn

So, I've been working on this screenplay to go along with this story, and since that craiglist killer, what ever his name, 'craig who?' is such an attention whore, I've no doubt we can get him to sign off on the rights. We can offer him any % of the profits, because lets face it, he's stupid and we all know he won't live long enough for us to have to pay him.

Now, I haven't ironed out all the story details, but since he refused to exit his mother's vagina before his 17th b-day, portraying his early life should be relatively easy. I don't know if we could get away with showing that on film; a nearly fully grown dwarf climbing out of a woman's vagina. I know that he's already been quoted and sound-bitten by the media, and that is essentially the same thing, so, I'm not sure. Does anyone here have any connections with the MRA, they could ask about that? Let me know.

Now as far as the arrest incident goes, I'm still unsure whether to go with the Independent's portrayal of events, or the wrongfully convicted 'craig who?' His story starts much earlier that night, with his first sexual assault.

"He cried as he told me how he had been brutally raped by the entire HS cheerleading squad. He regailed his story of how one of the smaller girls over powered him in an AV closet, bound his hands and feet with her pom-poms and then dragged him to the sports closet by the gym, where the rest of the squad was, waiting to violate him with his own school supplies."

"It wasn't until the capt of the football team came into the room, and stuffed his man meat in my mouth, that I stopped crying. It some how made me feel safe and secure in the moment." he told me.

It was after this event that he claims the football team capt swore he would arrange for 'craig who?' to suck off every member of the team, later that night, and it was for this engagement that he tried to elude police later that night, garnering him his subsequent arrest. When he was released from jail, no one on the football team would let him suck them off, or acknowledge they had agreed to let him, the night of his arrest. He claims this was the event that set him on his quest to bring truth to the masses.

Now, I know there isn't much to go on here, and it mostly reads like gay porn, but if we get a reality film crew on him in the next few days, I'm sure we can catch his murder, live, on film, and that alone will be worth a fortune to the final production, as a "never-done-before" feature in the release.

I'm still tossing around ideas for a title, too. Right now, the winning thought is "The Belly-button Rapist; A Likely Queero," but I'm not married to it. Anyone interested in collaborating, please contact me.



The Habitual Lying Woman Beater

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/13/2013 at 3:55 AM

Re: “The face of revenge porn

I do agree with the little psycho on one thing;

someone from the Independent DOES need to be fired... the site moderator....

Woah! Another bowel movement coming! That beef and bean burrito lunch is probably gonna be pretty messy. Anyone got anymore cover pages from the Independent?

Making 'Craig, who?', eat my shit, never gets old....

he he he he...

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/12/2013 at 8:00 PM

Re: “The face of revenge porn

In the interest of further antagonization, the betterment of all humanity, and that tingling sensation I get along my taint when while I'm wiping myself with this weeks cover page of the Independent (mmmmmm... chu like that sanchez? dat salad taste good, essay? Cuz dat expression on chu face say dat chu like it.);p

(TY, DamianBurford! You sir, are an audience!)

May I direct everyone's attention to the little button at the top right of the comments section labeled "SORT."

The default is "newest to oldest," BUT if you change it for a moment to, "POPULARITY," (even the buttons have poetic irony to them, right?!) Craig's comment's DON'T EVEN APPEAR. (Isn't that f'n crazy?!)

I can think of no worse torture for that.....ummmm.....crap, what's his name? You know, the little psycho we've all been ranting about here.....writes and says crazy shit on the internet...huge attention whore...hides behind a little tuft of pubic hair on his face....No, not Snooky! Rants about his right to screw others.....No, not Geraldo Rivera either! The, that Craigslist killer...something or other...damn, it! Craig! Craig.........who?

Yeah! That's the guy! "Craig, who!"

I can think of no worse torture, for and than, "Craig, who?"


the-"Habitual Lying Woman Beater"

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/11/2013 at 7:06 PM

Re: “The face of revenge porn

I'm curious, in the interest of "full disclosure"....how come Craig being a deadbeat father (yup, no-one gelded him in time), has not been mentioned yet....?

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Posted by Jonathan Herrera on 01/11/2013 at 2:19 PM

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