Reader: A modest proposal for President Trump 


To President Donald Trump: I am writing to contribute a solution for America's immigration problems. This topic has once again come to the forefront of debate, in households, schools, restaurants, media and politics. There are those who believe immigrants are a threat to America's values of freedom and prosperity, are a drain on our resources, and are taking all of the good jobs. On the other hand, there are those who believe that immigrants come to America for its values of freedom and prosperity, and deporting, detaining or banning law-abiding immigrants is immoral and illogical.

Whether one believes that we are under attack by human beings crossing our southern border, or whether one believes we have no right to separate families, deport children, and dehumanize these individuals, one cannot ignore that you are our president, and you promised to Make America Great Again. Setting my personal feelings aside, I believe I have found a solution to the immigration debate, one that works in tandem with your great wall.

Your wall will prevent immigrants from crossing the border, but what about the millions who have already crossed? Here's what we'll do: For less than $500,000, a giant catapult will be built on America's side that could hold an immigrant-sized person, and hoist them across your magnificent wall. We could, perhaps, build a fake amusement park, right on the border, and trick Mexicans into paying to get in (which could also be how we get Mexico to pay for the wall). The Mexican immigrants in America — legal or not, it seems you do not know the difference — could line up by the catapult, waiting for their turn on the park's most popular ride. On Mexico's side, I assume they would want to build some form of a receiver for the bodies, perhaps a giant catcher's mitt.

If it hasn't already become obvious, Mr. President, building a multi-billion-dollar wall across the border makes just as much sense as building a giant catapult to thrust human beings over it. If you believe immigration has made America not great, then spending billions of dollars on a wall is an absurd solution. That money would be better spent on investing in and assisting other countries such as Mexico, and any of the countries you are trying to ban travel to and from. Rather than bombing, insulting, or banning people, the United States should help and accept those who are suffering. Stop the wall, start being smart. Stop the bigotry, start the acceptance.

— Kathryn Rachwitz, Palmer High School student

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