Reader: A tale of two daughters 


Rachel is an engineering student who designs latrines for third-world countries in her spare time as a volunteer for the Village Aid Project.

Ivanka is the daughter of the president who designs handbags and receives millions to do so.

Rachel travels on her own dime to a Central American jungle village to help Nicaraguan families maintain safe drinking water. Ivanka travels to Europe and Asia on the taxpayer's dime to promote her latest book and handbag label.

Rachel works 10- to 12-hour days bending rebar and screeding concrete in 92-degree heat plus humidity (feels like 102). Ivanka works in temperature-controlled television studios (with perfect hair and makeup, wearing her company brand dress, shoes, bracelets) telling the interviewer how she is her father's spokesperson for working women and families.

Rachel will sleep in a village hut tonight under a mosquito net to avoid Zika. Ivanka will sleep in one of her father's several resorts tonight or on Air Force One.

Rachel faces the end of her health care any minute (she is presently receiving Medicaid as a full-time student) as the majority in Congress works nonstop to scrap the ACA.

Ivanka will receive a huge tax break if the ACA is scrapped, and will always have the best health care for her entire family.

Rachel's goal is to graduate and become a successful engineer working in the water industry, promoting protection of safe water, clean rivers and healthy oceans for our future.

Ivanka's goal is to sell her most recent book Women Who Work, promote her company brands throughout the world and glorify her father, who wants to demolish health care, working families, and the planet as much as possible.

— Barbara Day, Colorado Springs

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