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I was raised by a West Texas father on a farm, got my marksmanship medal in the Air Force, spent 30 years as a teacher and principal in public and private schools. I do know about guns and still own a shotgun and my Dad's old 32-20 Smith & Wesson revolver.

I am absolutely astounded by the opinion of our president, the head of the NRA, Doug Lamborn and the majority of our Republican legislators who believe the only thing that defeats a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. That certainly depends on the size of the gun, doesn't it? Not necessarily who is bad and who is good. I don't believe that nice guys always win.

Picturing myself during my teaching days in my chemistry class trying to confront a shooter who is carrying an AR-15 and killing my students and fellow teachers. I try to find the key to my locked desk drawer and pull out my trusty Beretta so I can go out into the hallway and repeat a scene from High Noon, only this time the guy has a weapon that shoots 400 rounds a minute and I would be lucky to squeeze off 40. The SWAT team that does eventually come in is equipped with AR-15s, body armor, helmets, goggles, etc., and here I am, an aging science teacher standing in a hallway with absolutely no chance of survival.

I suppose that if our politicians truly believe that is the answer, then I could have an assault rifle, body armor, maybe a couple of stun grenades and tear gas canisters. I might have a chance.

I am wondering if it is time for schools of education to require a 400-level course in small arms and tactics before awarding a teaching certificate. Or maybe we should think about the bad guy with the gun never getting the gun in the first place.

— Jerry Bryant, Colorado Springs

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