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Those other attacks

While I share Geraldine Russell's sadness about the shooting of Republican politicians, it seems important to point out that the shooter, in addition to being "liberal," was mentally ill and a domestic abuser. We liberals have worked for years to get Republican politicians to pass laws to get guns out of the hands of mentally ill people and domestic abusers, but Republicans have resisted. Sadly, even this event will not likely change their minds.

As for the violence of liberals, I encourage Ms. Russell to Google an article entitled, "Violence by Trump Supporters and Fake Conservative Outrage" (on Patheos.com, a religious blog collection) and to scroll through the list of very well-documented attacks, some fatal, on all sorts of people by Trump supporters. I presume Ms. Russell will be just as distressed about all of those attacks as she is about the one she's written in about. And if she is not equally distressed about attacks on racial minorities, Muslims and Muslim-appearing people, women, people who look like immigrants, lesbians and gay men, and the other people who have been attacked by Trump supporters, I would be very curious to know why.

— Amanda Udis-Kessler, Colorado Springs

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