Reader: Bikes are a win-win 


Bike lanes are not a win for some and a loss for others. Bike lanes implemented on low- and medium-volume streets provide separated safe spaces for drivers and cyclists. I support Mayor Suthers' bike lanes on Cascade and on other streets because they benefit drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, taxpayers and individuals who will never ride a bike. Because:

1. Bike lanes make streets safer for everyone, not just bicyclists, since they reduce the frequency of crashes, per the University of British Columbia.

2. Bike lanes remove the conflict between vehicles and bikes trying to share the same lane, which reduces the chance of a collision.

3. Bike lanes get bikes off the sidewalks, where they can be very dangerous for pedestrians and the disabled.

4. Bike lanes calm traffic and reduce speeding as shown on Cascade.

5. Connected bike lanes allow families to thrive without having to have a car. Safe, connected bike infrastructure provides pathways to opportunities and jobs.

6. Bike lanes that are connected to our trails allow access without using a car.

7. Companies want to locate in bicycle-friendly cities to attract employees and their families. Families want to live in a community that does not force them to use a car for every trip.

8. The cost of maintaining our streets is reduced since bikes cause the least amount of wear and tear, saving tax dollars.

9. As more individuals use their bikes, there are fewer cars on our streets.

10. For those who want to bike (young or old) it improves one's health by reducing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. More than 64 percent of health care costs are paid by taxpayers, so strategies reducing these costs have my support.

— G. Nesbit

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