Reader: Can we at least get a warning about spraying our parks? 


Ah yes, it's that time of year again. Yep, time for our Parks Department to spray our city parks with 2,4-D to kill weeds. The World Health Organization ranks 2,4-D as a "possible human carcinogen." That's good enough for me to want to avoid it.

Neighbors in the Shooks Run area protested this spraying two years ago and we were promised by Parks that, at the very least, we would get advance notification of spraying, and adequate warning flags.

Sadly, this promise was broken last week. Shooks Run Park was sprayed early in the morning and one tiny flag was placed in the southeast corner of the park.

After complaining, we were comforted with words like: The spray dries "pretty quickly," and the spraying occurred "very early in the morning."

Many of us walk our dogs in that park very early in the morning! I witnessed a children's party later in the morning, with kids running barefoot in the grass.

Nobody saw the flag as there are many access points to the park.

This situation is unacceptable. Many cities, Manitou Springs for example, have completely banned spraying chemicals in their parks.

All we are asking for at the moment is transparency. We request a city-wide ordinance requiring the Parks Department to give advance notification of spraying.

They need to put out large yellow warning flags at least three days in advance and list the spraying schedule on their website, as Fort Collins does.

Once the area has been sprayed, numerous flags need to be placed around the entire perimeter.

This MO of sneaking in, spraying, putting out one flag, and hoping nobody notices is not a responsible way to manage our parks.

— Nicole Rosa, Colorado Springs

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