Reader: Can we the people do something about the traffic signals? 


I would like to respectfully request the formation of a citizens committee composed of everyday citizens and Council members to review the method used to time the signal lights locally. It's a major source of frustration and needs a better solution. For example, I drive Uintah Street at a little before 5 a.m. on my way to I-25 and Denver to go to work. As I am westbound on Uintah, many times the light at Wahsatch Avenue will turn red while there are no cars on Wahsatch. As I head down the hill toward Glen Avenue, the light turns red for a left turn signal from eastbound Uintah to northbound Glen. And again, there is no one there to trip the light.

Another example is northbound Nevada Avenue starting at Cimarron Street: When I drive in on South Nevada Avenue on a Sunday afternoon, I almost always stop at Cimarron, to be expected. Once the northbound Nevada traffic gets the green light, you can see all the way up Nevada to Boulder and all, and I mean all, the signals are green. This is ridiculous. There is no way to drive the speed limit and make all those lights. There are many more examples. It really does not matter where or when you drive in this city, the timing of the traffic signals is an embarrassment. Instances like this are very frustrating to all our citizens.

I have omitted recommending we include people from the traffic division, because, in my opinion, either the traffic engineers purposely have the system set this way to frustrate drivers, resulting in running red lights and excessive speed (thereby increasing revenue), or they are incompetent. Either way, I believe their participation would only result in little corrective action being initiated.

— Michael Stella

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