Reader: Did we forget what a disaster is? 


In light of the recent natural disasters in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, I find it to be a disturbing misuse of funds to appropriate millions of dollars to rehabilitate the Incline using funds that are designated for Disaster Recovery.

Is it supposed to make us feel good every time we can get Federal Tax dollars to come back to our area? To be fair to other taxpayers, shouldn't the project be worthwhile and shouldn't the money come from an appropriate source?

Using those American taxpayer dollars to repair a dilapidated stairway won't help anyone recover from a disaster! This money comes from the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program. Its website describes the program's purpose as follows: "HUD provides flexible grants to help cities, counties, and States recover from Presidentially declared disasters, especially in low-income areas."

I see it as another example of government waste and an ineptness in appropriating tax dollars. That is why there is so much mistrust of our government at the federal level and their ability to spend our tax dollars wisely. Disaster Recovery funds should be spent on REAL disaster recovery, here or elsewhere, not on Incline repairs! Does anyone else see the failure here, by those requesting and those allocating the money inappropriately?

— Joel Grotzinger, Manitou Springs

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